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Power List: Gifted Blade

Power Level 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

1st-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Astral Traveler   Enable yourself or another to join an astral caravan-enabled trip. PU
Biofeedback A Gain DR 2/-. PU
Burst A Gain +10 ft. to speed this round. PU
Call Weaponry A Create temporary weapon. PU
Chameleon A Gain +10 enhancement bonus on Stealth checks. PU
Conceal Thoughts   You conceal your motives. PU
Deaden Attack   Your attackes with weapons deal non-lethal damage. PE:APG
Detect Psionics   You detect the presence of psionics. PU
Distract A Subject gets -4 on Perception and Sense Motive checks. PU
Elfsight   Gain low-light vision, +2 bonus on Perception checks, and notice secret doors. PU
Empty Mind A Gain +2 on Will saves until your next action. PU
Expansion A Become one size category larger. PU
Float A Buoy yourself in water or other liquid. PU
Force Screen A Invisible disc provides +4 shield bonus to AC. PU
Fortify A You gain a +2 resistance bonus on saves. PU
Grip of Iron A Your iron grip gives +4 bonus on grapple checks. PU
Inertial Armor A Tangible field of force provides you with +4 armor bonus to AC. PU
Metaphysical Weapon A Weapon gains +1 bonus. PU
My Light A Your eyes emit 40-ft. cone of light. PU
Precognition, Defensive A Gain +1 insight bonus to AC and saving throws. PU
Precognition, Offensive A Gain +1 insight bonus on your attack rolls. PU
Precognition, Tactical A Gain +2 enhancement bonus to combat maneuvers. PE:APG
Prescience, Offensive A Gain +2 insight bonus on your damage rolls. PU
Prevenom Weapon A Your weapon is mildly venomous. PU
Skate A Subject slides skillfully along the ground. PU
Synesthete   You receive one kind of sense when another sense is stimulated. PU
Thicken Skin A Gain +1 enhancement bonus to your AC for 10 min./level. PU
Vigor A Gain 5 temporary hit points. PU

2nd-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Body Adjustment A Heal 1d12 damage. PU
Body Equilibrium   You can walk on nonsolid surfaces. PU
Body Purification A Restore 2 points of ability damage. PU
Cloud Mind A You erase knowledge of your presence from target’s mind. PU
Concealing Amorpha A Quasi-real membrane grants you concealment. PU
Defy Gravity   You move up and down, forward and back, via mental support. PU
Detect Hostile Intent   You can detect hostile creatures within 30 ft. of you. PU
Dimension Swap A You and an ally switch positions. PU
Dissolving Weapon A Your weapon deals 4d6 acid damage. PU
Endorpin Surge A You incite a rush of endorphins, augmenting your physical form. PE:APG
Energy Adaptation, Specified A Gain resistance 10 to one energy type. PU
Feat Leech A Borrow another’s psionic or metapsionic feats. PU
Heightened Vision   See 60 ft. in total darkness. PU
Prowess   Instantly gain another attack of opportunity. PU
Psionic Scent   Gain the scent ability. PU
Sustenance   You can go without food and water for one day. PU
Thought Shield A Gain PR 13 against mind-affecting powers. PU
Wall Walker   Grants ability to walk on walls and ceilings. PU

3th-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Concealing Amorpha, Greater   Quasi-real membrane grants you total concealment. PU
Dimension Slide A Teleports you a very short distance. PU
Ectoplasmic Grapnel A Use a ray of ectoplasm to perform a variety of functions. PE:APG
Empathic Feedback A When you are hit in melee, your attacker takes damage. PU
Escape Detection   You become difficult to detect with clairsentience powers. PU
Evade Burst A You take no damage from a burst on a succeasful Reflex save. PU
Graft Armor   Your armor becomes an extension of your body. PE:APG
Graft Weapon   Your hand is replaced seamlessly by your weapon. PU
Hustle   Instantly gain a move action. PU
Mental Barrier A Gain +4 deflection bonus to AC until your next action. PU
Physical Acceleration A You move faster, gain +1 on attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves. PU
Psionic Lion’s Change A You can make a full attack in the same round you charge. PU
Sharpened Edge   Doubles normal weapon’s threat range. PU
Ubiquitous Vision   You have all-around vision. PU
Vampiric Blade   You heal half of your base weapon damage. PU

4th-Level Gifted Blade Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Energy Adaptation A Your body converts energy to harmless light. PU
Fold Space A Teleports you a short distance. PU
Immovability   You are almost impossible to move and gain DR 15/-. PU
Inertial Barrier   Gain DR 5/-. PU
Psychic Reformation A Subject can choose skills, feats, and powers anew for previous levels. PU
Slip the Bonds   You cannot be held or otherwise rendered immobile. PU
Steadfast Perception   Gain immunity to illusory effects, +6 bonus on Perception checks. PU
Truevenom Weapon   Your weapon is horribly poisonous. PU
Weapon of Energy   Weapon deald additional energy damage. PU