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Power List: Dread

Power Level 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

0-Level Dread Powers (Talents)

Power Name Augment Description Source
Conceal Thoughts   You conceal your motives. PU
Create Sound   Create the sound you desire. PU
Detect Psionics   You detect the presence of psionics. PU
Distract   Target gets -4 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks. PU
Empathy A You know the subject’s surface emotions. PU
Fortify, Lesser   Gain a +1 bonus on saving throws. PE:APG
Missive A Send a one-way telepathic message to subject. PU
My Light A Your eyes emit a 20-ft. cone of light. PU
Telekinetic Punch   Deal 1 force damage to target. PE:APG
Telepathic Lash A Humanoid creature of 4 HD or less loses next action. PU
Unearthly Terror A Terrify an enemy with sustained images. PU
Vim   Gain 1 temporary hit point. PE:APG

1st-Level Dread Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Biofeedback A Gain DR 2/-. PU
Demoralize A Enemies become shaken. PU
Lingering Touch A Your devastating touch ability lingers for an additional round, dealing damage. PE:APG
Mind Thrust A Deal 1d10 damage. PU
Mindlink A You forge a limited mental bond with another creature. PU
Precognition, Defensive A Gain +1 insight bonus to AC and saving throws. PU
Precognition, Offensive A Gain +1 insight bonus on your attack rolls. PU
Prescience, Offensive A Gain +1 insight bonus on your damage rolls. PU
Slumber   Put creatures to sleep. PE:APG
Untouchable Aura A Your presence keeps enemies from attacking you. PE:APG

2nd-Level Dread Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Concealing Amorpha A Quasi-real membrane grants you concealment. PU
Deflect   Avoid a single ranged attack. PE:APG
Feat Leech A Borrow another’s psionic or metapsionic feats. PU
Id Insinuation A Swift tendrils of thought disrupt and confuse your target. PU
Mental Disruption A Daze creatures within 10 feet for 1 round. PU
Sidestep   Avoid a single melee attack. PE:APG
Strength of My Enemy A Siphon away your enemy’s strength and grow strongar. PU
Subconscious Banishment A Sicken the target by sending their subconscious into a plane of nightmares. PE:APG
Sustenance   Go without food and water for one day. PU
Thought Shield A Gain PR 13 against mind-affecting powers. PU
True Terror A Cause the target to become stunned. PE:APG

3th-Level Dread Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Dispatch A Set up and deliver spectacular finishing strikes. PE:APG
Ectoplasmic Form   You gain benefits of being insubstantial and can fly slowly. PU
Guarded Sleep   Subject’s mind is protected while asleep, and awakens in peak condition. PE:APG
Mental Barrier A Gain +4 deflection bonus to AC until your next action. PU
Mindhunter   Discover the location of your target while you sleep. PE:APG

4th-Level Dread Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Aura Sight   Reveals creatures, objects, powers, or spells of selected alignment axis. PU
Deadly Fear A Fearsome illusion kills subject or deals 3d6 damage. PE:APG
Fear Cascade A Paralyze one target and cause nearby enemies to become shaken. PE:APG
Mindwipe A Subject’s recent experiences wiped away, bestowing negative levels. PU
Moment of Terror A Knock target prone and make them more susceptible to mind-affecting effects. PE:APG
Personality Parasite   Subject’s mind calves selfantagonistic splinter personality for 1 round/level. PU
Power Leech   Drain 1d6 power points/round while you maintain concentration; you gain 1/round. PU
Sensory Cascade A Trigger a dazing cascade of the senses in the target. PE:APG

5th-Level Dread Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Dream Message A Sends message to anyone sleeping. PE:APG
Induce Nightmare A Sends vision dealing 1d10 damage, fatigue. PE:APG
Pierce the Veils   See all things as they really are. PU
Planar Travel   Travel to other planes. PU
Psychic Crush A Brutally crush subject’s mental essence, reducing subject to -1 hit points. PU
Schism   Your partitioned mind can manifest lower level powers. PU

6th-Level Dread Powers

Power Name Augment Description Source
Barred Mind, Personal A You are immune to scrying and remote viewing and gain a bonus to mental effects. PU
Dream Travel A Travel to other places through dreams. PU
Form of Doom A You transform into a frightening tentacled beast. PU
Temporal Acceleration A Your time frame accelerates for 1 round. PU