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Unlocked Talent

You have discovered your psionic ability, granting you limited manifesting ability.

Prerequisite: Wild Talent.

Benefit: You gain 2 power points. In addition, when you take this feat, select any one 1st level power. You treat this power as a power known and can manifest this power with a manifester level of 1 as long as you have a Charisma score of at least 11. Use your Charisma modifier to determine any applicable save DCs. If you have manifester levels from a psionic class, you may instead use the manifester level from that class when manifesting the power gained from this feat, as well as the appropriate key ability modifier.

Special: The manifester level when manifesting the power granted from this feat is not a true manifester level and does not count as a manifester level for purposes such as bonus power points, feat, item creation, or prestige class prerequisites.