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Split Headed Lash[Psionic]

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The pyrokineticist has learned to split her focus and attack multiple targets at once.

Prerequisite: Fire lash class feature, Knowledge (psionics) 10 ranks, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (whip)

Benefit: By expending your psionic focus as part of a full attack, you can split you fire lash into two separate heads for the first attack. The fire lash returns to normal for the remaining attacks. Each head’s attack is rolled separately and need not be at the same target. If attacking multiple targets, these targets must be within 10 ft. of each other and both must be within 15 ft. of the pyrokineticist. Any extra damage dice that would have applied to the fire lash attack are applied to both heads, including damage from sources such as sneak attack and psychic strike.