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Ricochet [Psionic]

You are able to redirect your thrown attacks.

Prerequisites: Point-Blank Shot, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: If a thrown attack of yours would strike a flat and sturdy surface, such as a wall, you may expend your psionic focus to psychoportatively redirect its momentum up to 90 degrees, allowing it to continue as if it were thrown in that new direction. Each time you redirect your attack in this manner, your attack roll suffers a -2 penalty on the attack and damage roll.

You may even recover from missed attacks this way: if a failed attack would also miss a creature's touch AC, it continues past the creature, potentially rebounding off of another wall for another attempt to hit. All distance traveled, regardless of direction, counts toward the weapon's range.

You may attempt a number of redirections per attack equal to 1 plus your Wisdom modifier.