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Resonance Master[Psionic]

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Through practiced effort, you have mastered the art of resonating powers through your psicrystal.

Prerequisite: Psicrystal imprinter 5th, any metapsionic feat

Benefit: When you use the psicrystal resonance class feature, choose any single metapsionic feat that you posses that increases the power point cost of a power by your psicrystal imprinter level minus 3 or less. Feats which reduce manifesting time, such as Hustle Poweror Quicken Power, may not be chosen. Instead of gaining one of the normal benefits of psicrystal resonance, you may choose to instead apply the effects of that metapsionic feat to the power being manifested.
    The power is treated as if manifested with the selected metapsionic feat, but the power point cost is not increased nor are you required to expend your psionic focus. Instead, the manifestation time is increased. If the power has a manifestation time of less than one round, increase the manifesting time to one full round; otherwise, increase the manifesting time by one full round. If the metapsionic feat would normally increase the power point cost of the power by more than 2 power points, add one round to the manifesting time for every 2 power points that the metapsionic feat would have increased the power cost beyond the first 2.