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Mind Blade Knight

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You have gained additional flexibility with your summoned weapons.

Prerequisite: Mind knight warrior path, expanded path class feature.

Benefit: As long as you maintain focus, when you wield a weapon created by call weaponry, you may choose to forgo some or all of the mind knight trance bonus to attack and damage rolls, and instead add an equal value of weapon special abilities to the weapon. These special abilities must be selected from the soulknife’s list of weapon special abilities, and your effective soulknife level for determining which abilities you can select is equal to half your psychic warrior level (rounded down). Once you have selected weapon special abilities to apply, you must spend 8 hours in meditation to change the selected special abilities, or to dismiss the special abilities and keep the normal trance bonus.

If you have levels in a class that grants you a mind blade or similar weapon (such as a mind bolt or mind arrow), you may add those class levels to your psychic warrior levels to determine your manifester level for call weaponry and your mind knight trance bonus