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Levitative Transport

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You can share your gravity-defying abilities.

Prerequisite: Elocater level 5th, Gravitic Stability

Benefit: When you gain psionic focus, you may choose to share the benefit of your personal gravity, scorn earth, and terminal velocity abilities with all adjacent allies. When you move, all affected allies move with you on your turn. Allies may move around you freely on their own turns (for example, an ally in front of you could move to stand behind you), but if any ally moves more than 5 ft. away from you, the effect ends immediately for that ally. If you are attacked, you must make a concentration check as if concentrating on a 2nd-level power to maintain this effect. If subjected to harsh environmental effects which would disrupt concentration (such as strong winds), you must make a concentration check once per hour of overland travel in such conditions.
    In addition, your speed is no longer reduced to 10 ft. when wearing medium or heavy armor or carrying a medium load while using personal gravity or scorn earth, although your base land speed is still reduced as normal for such, unless you have an ability or trait such as a fighter’s armor training or a dwarf’s slow and steady. You may use personal gravity and scorn earth while heavily encumbered, but your movement speed is reduced to 10 ft. plus any applicable speed bonuses.