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Dazing Power [Metapsionic]

You can daze a creature with the powers you manifest.

Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. You can modify a mind-affecting power that targets only one creature to possibly daze the creature. When a creature makes a successful save against a dazing power, they must make an additional saving throw or become dazed for a number of rounds equal to the level of the power. If the power does not allow a save, the target can make a Will save to negate the daze effect. If the power effect causes the creature to become dazed, the duration of this metapsionic effect is added to the duration of the power if the creature fails its save. This is considered a mind-affecting effect; if the subject fails the save for the daze effect, he is unaware that he has been subjected to a mind-affecting power. Using this feat increases the power point cost of the power by 2. The power's total cost cannot exceed your manifester level