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Blasting Wilder

Wilders are known for invoking dangerous surges of psionic power, yet some have learned to turn that power into an actual weapon. These blasting wilders can attack their enemies with surging blasts of psionic energy, raining devastation from afar, although doing so poses just as much of a risk to psionic overload. These wilders give up their ability to improve their manifesting ability and instead improve the ferocity of these blasts.

Wild Surge

A blasting wilder uses her wild surge not to improve her psionic powers, but to enhance her surge blast ability. Any time the blasting wilder invokes a wild surge, she gains no increase to her manifester level, but adds one die of damage to her surge blast for each point of the wild surge and can expend her psionic focus to use her surge blast as a free action in the same round she used her wild surge, although she may only do this once per round, even if wild surging more than once per round. This ability functions in all other ways as Wild Surge, including the risk of psychic enervation, and is modified by the wilder's surge choice as normal. Wild surges that do not increase the manifester level, such as Efficient Surge, cannot be used with this archetype.

Modified Blast

The blasting wilder of 2nd level gains the Modified Blast feat as a bonus feat.

This ability replaces Elude Attack (+1).

Psionic Meditation

The blasting wilder gains Psionic Meditation as a bonus feat at 6th level even if she does not meet the prerequisites.

This replaces Elude Attack (+2).

Chained Blast

A blasting wilder of 10th level can chain the effect of her surge blast to another nearby target at a reduced capacity. Any time the blasting wilder uses her surge blast, she can select a secondary target within 15 ft. of the original target. The secondary target takes half the damage of the original target if the blasting wilder makes a successful ranged touch attack against the secondary target. If the original target took no damage, the blasting wilder cannot chain the blast.

This replaces Elude Attack (+3).

Perfect Blast

A blasting wilder of 20th level has learned how to make efficient use of her surge blasts. When the blasting wilder invokes a wild surge, she may expend her psionic focus to make one surge blast for each of her iterative attacks. The blasting wilder is still subject to the normal risk of psychic enervation for invoking the wild surge.

This ability replaces Perfect Surge.