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Prestige Classes

This section includes several new prestige classes based on the new martial combat options of Path of War. All of these prestige classes require the character to have the ability to use maneuvers, although some, like the battle templar, require the ability to use maneuvers of a specific discipline.

Prestige Classes and Granted Maneuvers – When characters with granted maneuvers (such as mystics) gain additional readied maneuvers from a prestige class, they also gain additional granted maneuvers at the same rate. If the character has multiple prestige classes that give readied maneuvers, they may add the maneuvers readied from each to determine the number of maneuvers granted.

For example, if you were currently readying 7 maneuvers and gained 4 of them granted to you at the start of the combat round and a prestige class added an additional readied maneuver, you would also gain a granted maneuver, bringing you to 8 maneuvers readied and 5 maneuvers granted. If you possess multiple prestige classes, then each time you are granted an additional readied maneuver, you gain a granted maneuver as well.