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Combat Training (combat)

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Combat Training (Combat)

Benefit: - You learn one 1st-level maneuver (strike, boost, or counter) from any one discipline of your choice. If you are not a member of an initiating class, you can ready this maneuver by spending ten minutes practicing it, and can recover it by taking a standard action to focus. Your initiation modifier for this maneuver is the key ability of its discipline’s associated skill (for example, a discipline with Acrobatics as its associated skill would make Dexterity your initiation modifier). If you can already initiate other maneuvers or later gain the ability to, the maneuver granted by this trait is added to your list of maneuvers known, and you can recover it as normal for your class. You cannot exchange this maneuver for another maneuver as you level up, nor does it add its discipline to your list of available disciplines.