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Solar Wind Style

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Solar Wind Style (combat, style)

Your arrows glow as bright as the sun.

Prerequisites: Perception 3 ranks, one Solar Wind stance known.

Benefit: Your ranged attacks deal 1 point of additional fire damage. At character level 5th and at every five levels thereafter, this damage increases by 1. In addition, whenever you hit a creature with a ranged attack, you can choose to have your target become outlined as if by a faerie fire spell, with a caster level equal to the your initiator level. Successive uses of this ability against the same creature do not stack; instead, they extend the duration. You can suppress or resume the light on an affected creature you can see as a free action. This is a supernatural ability.

Solar Wind Flash (combat)

The light of your arrows is blinding

Prerequisites: Solar Wind Style, Perception 7 ranks.

Benefit: Whenever you hit a creature with a ranged attack, you can expend one of your readied boosts as a swift action. If you do, that creature must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your character level + your highest initiation modifier) or become blinded for one round. This is a supernatural ability.

Solar Wind Inferno (combat)

The burning power of your arrows sears the flesh of even those immune to fire.

Prerequisites: Solar Wind Style, Solar Wind Flash, Perception 11 ranks.

Benefit: Your ranged attacks ignore up to your character level in fire resistance. In addition, you can deal fire damage to creatures that are immune to fire, treating their immunity as fire resistance 30 for the purposes of this feat and dealing damage to them. Special: If you have the Variable Wind feat, your ranged attacks ignore energy resistance of your active element’s associated energy type, and you treat immunity to that energy type as resistance 30 to that energy type.