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Shattered Mirror Style

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Shattered Mirror Style (combat, style)

You are skilled in the art of reflective combat.

Prerequisites: Craft 3 ranks, one Shattered Mirror stance known.

Benefit: When wielding one or more Shattered Mirror discipline weapons, your shield bonus to your AC increases by +2 (if you don’t already have a shield bonus, you are considered to have a shield bonus of +0).

Shattered Mirror Waltz (combat)

Your supernatural swordplay lets you move like an illusion.

Prerequisites: Shattered Mirror Style, Craft 7 ranks.

Benefit: You ignore movement penalties from difficult terrain. Other effects of the terrain affect you as normal.

Shattered Mirror Duality (combat)

Your reality-distorting power reflects your attacks, making it hard to defend against you.

Prerequisites: Shattered Mirror Style, Shattered Mirror Waltz, Craft 13 ranks.

Benefit: Once per round, you can expend a readied boost as a swift action. If you do, you roll twice for each attack roll you make this round and use the better result. This is a supernatural ability.