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Scarlet Throne Style

Scarlet Throne Style (combat, style)

Your skill with a single blade allows you to strike with the same force as those much stronger than you.

Prerequisites: Sense Motive 3 ranks, one Scarlet Throne stance known.

Benefit: As long as you only attack with a single weapon wielded in one hand during a round, you treat that weapon as if you were wielding it in two hands for the purposes of feats and abilities that would benefit from this change. This does not increase your Strength bonus to damage with the weapon.

Scarlet Throne Dignity (combat)

Noble training has enabled you to withstand attacks that would harm those of lesser breeding.

Prerequisites: Scarlet Throne Style, Sense Motive 7 ranks.

Benefit: You can expend a readied maneuver as an immediate action in response to an attack being made against you. If you do, make an attack roll with a weapon you are wielding. If your attack roll is higher than your opponent’s, their attack is negated, and you can take a 5-foot step, even if you have already moved or taken a 5-foot step this round.

Scarlet Throne Riposte (combat)

You seize opportunity as it comes, taking advantage of your enemy’s poor position after a missed attack.

Prerequisites: Scarlet Throne Style, Scarlet Throne Dignity, Sense Motive 11 Ranks.

Benefit: Whenever you use an ability to negate an attack from an opponent (such as with a counter or with the Scarlet Throne Dignity feat), that opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. A given creature can only provoke an attack of opportunity from you in this way once per round.