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Primal Fury Style

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Primal Fury Style (combat, style)

Your fury drives you to close with your foes so that you can tear into them more easily.

Prerequisites: Survival 3 ranks, one Primal Fury stance known.

Benefit: You can make Survival checks in place of Acrobatics checks to move through threatened squares. In addition, you can charge through difficult terrain and spaces containing opponents. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for entering an opponent’s space when charging, although you provoke attacks of opportunity as normal for moving through an opponent’s threatened area.

Primal Fury Slash (combat)

Your swift movements and skill allow you to strike enemies as you close with your target.

Prerequisites: Primal Fury Style, Survival 7 ranks.

Benefit: When you charge a creature, you can make a single melee attack against another creature that is adjacent to you at any point during your movement.

Primal Fury Leap (combat)

Not even the sky is safe from your wrath.

Prerequisites: Primal Fury Style, Primal Fury Slash, Survival 11 ranks.

Benefit: You can make charge attacks against opponents in the air. If you do, you are treated as having a fly speed equal to your land speed during the charge, with good maneuverability. If you do not normally have a fly speed, you fall after this charge. You reduce the effective distance of this fall by 10 feet per initiator level.