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Mithral Current Style

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Mithral Current Style (combat, style)

Your dazzling and graceful motions allow you to catch foes off guard.

Prerequisites: Quick Draw, Perform (dance) 3 ranks, one Mithral Current stance known.

Benefit: While you have a sheathed weapon on your person, you can make a feint against an opponent within your melee reach as a swift action. You may make Perform (dance) checks in place of Bluff checks when feinting in this way.

Mithral Current Flow (combat)

Every mistake your opponent makes allows you to place yourself in better position to strike.

Prerequisites: Mithral Current Style, Perform (dance) 7 ranks.

Benefit: Whenever an opponent misses an attack against you, you can move up to 10 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity as a free action, even if it isn’t your turn.

Mithral Current Slice (combat)

Drawing your weapon from its sheath as you strike allows you to hit harder and faster.

Prerequisites: Mithral Current Style, Mithral Current Flow, Perform (dance) 11 ranks.

Benefit: Your first attack in a round in which you drew a weapon deals damage to your target as if they were vulnerable to silver.

Normal: Creatures with vulnerability to silver take 50% more damage from silver weapons.