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Elemental Flux Style

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Elemental Flux Style (combat, style)

You understand the fluid and changing nature of elemental magics.

Prerequisites: Spellcraft 3 ranks, one Elemental Flux stance known.

Benefit: You can change your active element once per round as a free action.

Elemental Flux Shift (combat)

Your insight into the elements expands, allowing you to fuse disparate energies.

Prerequisites: Elemental Flux Style, Spellcraft 7 ranks.

Benefit: When you change your active element, your next attack before the start of your next turn deals additional damage equal to your highest initiation modifier of your previous active element’s associated energy type. This is a supernatural ability.

Elemental Flux Explosion (combat)

Your strikes explode with elemental ferocity.

Prerequisites: Elemental Flux Style, Elemental Flux Shift, Spellcraft 11 ranks.

Benefit: Your weapons are gain the benefit of the elemental burst weapon special ability. The type of damage is determined by your active element’s associated energy type (for example, your weapons would gain the benefit of the flaming burst weapon special ability if your active element is fire). This is a supernatural ability.