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Cursed Razor Style

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Cursed Razor Style (combat, style)

You persecute those under the influence of your dark power.

Prerequisites: Spellcraft 3 ranks, one Cursed Razor stance known.

Benefit: Whenever you damage a cursed creature with a melee attack, that creature takes 2 points of bleed damage plus an additional 2 points of bleed damage for every four character levels you possess. The creature continues to bleed until the bleeding is stopped via magical healing or a successful DC 15 Heal check.

Cursed Razor Plague (combat)

Your curses spread amongst your enemies.

Prerequisites: Cursed Razor Style, Spellcraft 7 ranks.

Benefit: Whenever you cause an opponent to become cursed by an effect other than this feat, you may select an additional opponent within 30 feet of you to become cursed for the same duration. This is a supernatural ability.

Cursed Razor Massacre (combat)

You tear into your victims like a plague-laced wind.

Prerequisites: Cursed Razor Style, Cursed Razor Plague, Spellcraft 11 ranks.

Benefit: Once per round, when you hit a cursed creature with a melee attack, you can make a melee attack against a different cursed creature within your reach at your highest base attack bonus as a free action, even if it isn’t your turn.