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Black Seraph Style

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Black Seraph Style (combat, style)

You laugh off the cowardly assaults of your foes.

Prerequisites: Intimidate 3 ranks, one Black Seraph stance known.

Benefit: You gain a +1 profane bonus to your AC and on saving throws against the abilities of creatures that are shaken, frightened, panicked, or cowering. This bonus increases by +1 at character level 5th and at every five levels thereafter.

Black Seraph's Malevolence (combat)

You rip into creatures that cannot withstand your terror.

Prerequisites: Black Seraph Style, Intimidate 7 ranks.

Benefit: You treat creatures that are shaken, frightened, panicked, or cowering as being good-aligned for the purpose of dealing profane damage to them.

Black Seraph Annihilation (combat)

You drive your foes before you.

Prerequisites: Black Seraph Style, Black Seraph’s Malevolence, Intimidate 11 ranks.

Benefit: Creatures within 30 feet of can be affected by fear effects even if they are normally immune to fear. Creatures within 30 feet of you that are normally immune to mind-affecting effects can still be affected by fear effects, although they gain a +5 resistance bonus on saves against such effects.