Necrologist (Spiritualist Archetype)

All spiritualists call upon residual phantoms that cling to the living world through force of will and unresolved passion. The vile spiritualists known as necrologists reach farther toward the Negative Energy Plane, however, and for whatever evil purpose, they bring back malevolent spirits whose passions have turned to vengeance and hate for all life.

Alignment: Only an evil character can contact a malevolent undead phantom and take the necrologist archetype. If a necrologist becomes nonevil, she can continue to take spiritualist levels, but her phantom ceases to give her benefits while in her consciousness, she can’t use bonded manifestation, and if she manifests the phantom, it is no longer loyal to her and likely attacks her and her allies.

This alters the spiritualist’s alignment.


A necrologist adds the following spells to her class list: 1st—hide from undead; 2nd—ghostly disguise, haunting mists; 3rd—haunting choir; 4th—lesser age resistance; 5th—age resistance; 6th—greater age resistance , create greater undead.

Shared Consciousness

A necrologist gains a bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, and negative energy rather than against mind-affecting effects (and can shunt such an effect onto the phantom) when her undead phantom is contained within her consciousness.

This ability alters shared consciousness.

Undead Phantom

A necrologist’s phantom is undead, rather than an outsider. It has normal undead immunities and no Constitution score; uses d8 Hit Dice, each of which is modified by the phantom’s Charisma modifier as normal; and gains the abilities below at the levels indicated. An undead phantom otherwise follows the standard phantom rules (for instance, its base attack bonus and skills don’t change to match undead).

Cling of the Grave (Su)

An undead phantom can hold the charge on a touch spell of the necromancy school up to a maximum of 1 round per spiritualist level of the necrologist.

This ability alters share spells.

Unnatural Aura (Su)

At 5th level, animals do not willingly approach within 30 feet of a fully manifested undead phantom unless the necrologist succeeds at a Handle Animal, Ride, or wild empathy check (DC = 10 + 1/2 the necrologist’s spiritualist level + the phantom’s Charisma modifier).

This replaces the slam damage increase gained at 5th level.

Channel Resistance (Su)

At 6th level, a necrologist’s phantom gains a +4 bonus on saving throws to resist the effects of channel energy.

This ability replaces devotion.

Lifedrinker (Su)

At 13th level, when a necrologist’s phantom reduces a creature to fewer than 0 hit points with an attack or spell, the necrologist can expend one use of her channel energy ability as a swift action to affect the same target with death knell. If the target fails its save, the necrologist can choose either herself or her phantom to gain the benefit of the spell.

This replaces the necrologist’s slam damage increase gained at 13th level.

Bonded Manifestation

A necrologist cannot use ectoplasmic bonded manifestation.

This ability alters bonded manifestation.

Channel Energy (Su)

At 4th level, a necrologist gains the ability to channel negative energy, with an effective cleric level equal to her spiritualist level – 3. She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + her Charisma modifier.

This ability replaces spiritual interference.

Necropsychic Conduit

At 12th level, a necrologist can cast psychic spells as if she had the Thanatopic Spell and Threnodic Spell metamagic feats, using her undead phantom as a conduit to pierce the defenses of undead creatures. If her phantom has been banished or is not within 30 feet of her when she casts the spells, however, these feats have no effect.

This ability replaces greater spiritual interference.