Dreamstalker (Mesmerist Archetype)

Many mesmerists concentrate their studies on conscious, rational thought, but dreamstalkers instead delve into the unleashed unconscious mind that wanders free in dreams.

Dreams of Pain

A dreamstalker’s painful stare deals nonlethal damage.

This ability alters painful stare.


At 1st (level, a dreamstalker gains the slumber hex. The dreamstalker’s effective witch level is equal to her mesmerist level, and she can activate them only by expending two daily uses of mesmerist tricks. The save DCs for her hexes are Charisma-based. She can take certain additional hexes in place of mesmerist tricks, selecting nightmares or vision at 10th level and higher, or eternal slumber at 18th level and higher.

When she would normally gain a new mesmerist trick, she can learn additional spells instead. Each time she does so, she adds two of the following spells of a level she can currently cast to her list of spells known: 1st—oneiric horror, sleep; 2nd—detect mindscape, greater oneiric horror, instigate psychic duel; 3rd—deep slumber, minor dream; 4th—create mindscape, dream, forgetful slumber, mindscape door, sleepwalk, sleepwalking suggestion; 5th—cloak of dreams, dream council, dream scan, symbol of sleep, waves of fatigue; 6th—dream travel, greater create mindscape, waves of exhaustion.

This alters mesmerist tricks and replaces the 1st-level mesmerist trick.

Sleepless (Ex)

At 2nd level, a dreamstalker gains immunity to sleep effects and a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus on saving throws against fatigue and exhaustion. She loses both benefits when under an effect that would prevent her from providing an emotion component.

This replaces towering ego.

Touch of Night (Su)

A dreamstalker can’t remove shaken, frightened, sickened, cowering, nauseated, or panicked conditions using her touch treatment. However, she can remove fatigue or magical sleep (other than hard-to-remove magical sleep such as the eternal slumber hex) as a minor condition, staggered as a moderate condition, and exhausted as a greater condition. As normal, removing fatigue or exhaustion only removes the condition, not the underlying cause, such as lack of sleep.

This ability alters touch treatment.

Dreamwalker (Su)

At 5th level, a dreamstalker treats dreamscapes as a favored terrain, as per the ranger ability, gaining a +2 bonus that increases by 2 every 4 mesmerist levels after 5th. While in a dreamscape, she also treats any creature from the Dimension of Dreams (including dreamed figments) as her favored enemy, with a bonus equal to 1/2 her favored terrain bonus.

This ability replaces manifold tricks.

Traumatic Spell

At 11th level, a dreamstalker gains Traumatic Spell as a bonus feat.

This ability replaces glib lie.