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Mythic Forge Ring (Mythic)

You have mastered the art of forging magic rings, and can even imbue them with a portion of your essence.

Prerequisites: Forge Ring, caster level 7th, 2nd mythic tier.

Benefit: At the beginning of each day when you regain your uses of mythic power, you can expend one use of mythic power to accomplish eight hours of work on one magic ring you are forging. You can only do this once per day on each ring you are forging, though you may also add an actual eight-hour work day toward the forging of such an item. Unlike normal magic item crafting, work accomplished by expending a use of mythic power does not require any special work space or quiet (though the cost of making magic items created this way is normal).

When you successfully forge a magic ring, you may choose to imbue it with one spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability you possess. You cannot use this ability unless you are wearing the ring, but when you are wearing it you may either use the ability one more time per day (if it has limited uses per day), or cast it one without having it count against your spells/day (for spells or spell-like abilities), have your effective level be considered 4 levels higher for determining the abilities effects (for abilities with level-dependent effects), or have its save DC increased by +1 (for abilities with a save DC). If the ability qualifies for more than one of these benefits, you may select which it benefits from at the beginning of each day when you regain your pool of mythic power.

For every 3 full mythic tiers you have, you may imbue another spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability you possess into such a ring. Rings with your powers imbued into them are treated as minor artifacts for purposes of destroying them. A ring with 4 or more abilities imbued in it is treated as a full artifact, and can only be destroyed by a specific set of circumstances selected by the GM. You may only use the spell or ability imbued in such a ring while the ring is in your possession. When the ring is on your possession, you also gain one use of mythic power per day that can only be used in regards to the imbued spell or ability (any mythic ability that applies to the spell or ability can be fueled with this use of mythic power). If a ring imbued with powers of yours is destroyed, you lose the imbued spell or ability permanently – only a miracle, wish, or similar power can restore it to you.

When a ring imbued with powers of yours is not in your possession, once per day you may meditate for one hour to gain a sense of how to reach it. This acts as a find the path spell, except it allows you to know the shortest, most direct physical route to your ring, rather than to a location.