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Mythic Craft Staff (Mythic)

You are a master staff crafter.

Prerequisites: Craft Staff, caster level 11th.

Benefit(s): At the beginning of each day when you regain your uses of mythic power, you can expend one use of mythic power to accomplish eight hours of work on one magic staff you are crafting. You can only do this once per day per staff you are crafting, though you may also add an actual eight-hour work day toward the crafting of such a staff. Unlike normal magic item crafting, work accomplished by expending a use of mythic power does not require any special work space or quiet (though the cost of making magic items created this way is normal).

You can also cause any magic items you create to function with a caster level equal to its user's total level, rather than a set caster level. You must meet all the creation prerequisites of the magic item in question, and must create the item to have a caster level of at least 8th level. This has no effect on the function of items with effects not based on caster level (such as boots of elvenkind), but does change the items level in use for purposes of what auras it gives off, and how difficult it is to effect with dispel magic (and similar effects).