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Vodavox, the Hive Mind

The ever-dueling minds of Vodavox once commanded a legion of hosts before collapsing. Vodavox grants aberrant powers to those who revel in chaos.

Summoning Rules

The following describes the requirements and rituals for binding Vodavox.

Spirit Level: 5th
Constellation: Beast
Binding DC: 25
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on the spirit's binding check if you meet some or all of these conditions.

  • You are a drow, an insectoid, can lay eggs, or can read minds without using a granted ability (via a spell, spell-like ability, or so forth).
  • You please Vodavox's drow-mind or insect-mind, which requires 10 ranks in Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (nature).
  • You dine on the flesh of a creature of the same race as you during the ceremony.

Ceremony: You place an unhatched egg within the pact seal and meditate.
Manifestation: The egg rocks back and forth, the motion growing rapidly. The egg splits open and an insectoid apparition crawls out of it with a drow-like head. Its chattering fills your mind with promises of power.

Granted Abilities

Vodavox grants the following abilities.

Major Granted Abilities

Phrenic Blast: As a standard action you unleash a telepathic burst of energy in a 30-foot cone, causing creatures that fail their Will save to take 5d4 points of untyped damage. At 11th level and every 2 binder levels thereafter the damage increases by 1d4. After using this ability, it is expended for 5 rounds.
Capstone Empowerment: Creatures that fail their Will save against your phrenic blast are dazed for 1 round. In addition, you can increase phrenic blast's activation time. Every full round you spend activating this granted ability increases its DC by +1; to a maximum of 3 rounds.

Minor Granted Abilities

Aberrant Mind: You gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting abilities.
Insectoid Body: You gain an insight bonus on Escape Artist and Perception checks equal to ½ your binder level and a +2 natural armor bonus to your AC. In addition, your carrying capacity (but not your Strength score) is tripled. You must show Vodavox's sign in order to gain this benefit.
Spell-Warding Chitin: You gain spell resistance equal to your Charisma bonus + your binder level (minimum 1). You must show Vodavox's sign in order to gain this benefit.
Telepathic Bond: You forge a telepathic bond with a number of allies equal to your Charisma bonus (if any). You are not counted among this number. This granted ability functions as telepathic bond, except you require 10 minutes of concentration in order to establish the bond. Once established, the bond remains for 24 hours or until the pact ends.

Signs and Influence

The spirit affects you in the following ways:

Physical Sign: You lose your hair, lips, and genitalia and gain various insectoid qualities such as chitin and mandibles. Whenever you activate one of Vodavox's granted abilities, a swarm of harmless gnats surrounds you.
Personality: You are especially violent when hungry or threatened and you do not experience pain or empathy.
Favored Ally: Vermin (any) and Any (creatures with psychic powers)
Favored Enemy: Humanoid (any)

Vestigial Companion

You gain an insectoid animal companion. Use your binder level as your druid level to determine the companion's abilities. The companion uses the rules for vermin companions and must be drawn from the following list:

This ability replaces telepathic bond.