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Aza'zati, the Green Wyrmling

The pride of dragons, Aza'zati grants those who please him the dual prizes of youth and green gouts of acid.

Summoning Rules

The following describes the requirements and rituals for binding Aza'zati.

Spirit Level: 1st
Constellation: Dragon
Binding DC: 17
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on the spirit's binding check if you meet some or all of these conditions.

  • Aza'zati's seal is drawn within 5 feet of any of the following: a forest, a cave, or a city spire.
  • You bargain with Aza'zati in his native tongue, Draconic.
  • You place 5 gp within the center of the seal, which vanish as part of Aza'zati's manifestation.

Ceremony: You drink a thimble filled with foul water, leaves, twigs, and a weak acid.
Manifestation: The smoky apparition of a jade dragon's egg appears before you, which slowly hatches into a wyrmling. The squeaky hatchling pines for gold and for the binding process to begin.

Granted Abilities

Aza'zati grants the following abilities.

Major Granted Abilities

Acid Gout: As a standard action, you unleash a 30 foot cone of acid. Creatures within this cone must succeed on a Reflex save or take 1d4 points of acid damage. A successful save halves this damage. The damage increases by 1d4 at 3rd level and every 2 binder levels thereafter. After using this ability, it becomes expended for 5 rounds.
Capstone Empowerment: Your acid gout lingers on your enemies, causing creatures that failed their Reflex save to take acid damage equal to 1/2 your binder level (minimum 1) at the start of their turn for 1d4 rounds.

Minor Granted Abilities

Curious Edge: You gain an insight bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks equal to 1/2 your binder level. This bonus increases to equal your full binder level when you use these skills to convince others of your innocence.
Sniff Gold: You can smell the presence or absence of gold. This ability functions like the scent special ability except you can only detect the scent of gold. This ability alone cannot inform you if the gold is attended or not nor can it inform you of the gold's purpose (for example, whether the gold is used for coins, statues, or in a golden golem). You must show Aza'zati's sign in order to gain this benefit.
Smaller is Better: As a full-round action, you can reduce your size by one category (Medium to Small, Small to Tiny, or so forth). You can use this ability for a total number of minutes per day equal to your binder level. These minutes do not need to be used consecutively, but they must be used in 1-minute increments. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack, nor does it stack with other effects that reduce size. Returning to your original size is a move action.
Wyrmling's Skin: You gain a +1 natural armor bonus to your AC. At 6th level and every 5 binder levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1. In addition, you gain a swim speed equal to your land speed. You must show Aza'zati's sign in order to gain this benefit.

Signs and Influence

The spirit affects you in the following ways:

Physical Sign: Supernaturally green scales sprout across your body and onlookers percieve you as being much younger than you actually are. Whenever you activate one of Aza'zati's granted abilities, your eyes take on the likeness of two golden coins.
Personality: Finding gold becomes your top priority and you are more than willing to betray and backstab those closest to you for it.
Favored Ally: Dragon (any)
Favored Enemy: Humanoid (arcane spellcasters)

Vestigial Companion

You gain the service of a viper familiar for the duration of the pact. Treat your binder level as your wizard level to determine your familiar's abilities. This granted ability replaces smaller is better.