Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard (3pp)

0-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (Cantrips- 3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Idyllic Sleep   Willing target sleeps 8 hours regardless of conditions. RP:101-0
Layer of Ice   Does 1 cold damage to a target but absorbs up to 5 fire damage before melting away. RP:101-0
Magic Spike, Lesser   Bolt of energy inflicts a -1 circumstance penalty to spell, spell-like ability and supernatural DCs. RP:101-0
Parry Shot   Caster gains a +2 deflection bonus to AC against the next ranged attack against her. RP:101-0
Parry Strike   Caster gains a +2 deflection bonus to AC against the next melee attack against him. RP:101-0
Resistance to Fear   The subject gains a +2 morale bonus against fear effects for 1 minute. RP:101-0
Shield Open Flame   Protects small fire from being extinguished. RP:101-0
Cleanse of Alcohol   Subject is completely cured of alcohol effects. RP:101-0
Conjurer's Toolbelt   Conjures any small tool for 1 min./level. RP:101-0
Create Ice   Creates a 5' square sheet of ice on the ground, causing it to become difficult terrain. SGG:IM
Elemental Sample   You create a 1-foot cubic block of an elemental substance. RP:101-0
Guardian Mote   Absorbs 1d3 damage from the next attack. RP:101-0
Quill   Creates a writing quill with limitless ink. RP:101-0
Sand in Your Eyes   Deal 1 point of slashing damage and blind target for 1 round. RP:101-0
Extinguish non-magical light sources. AG:PS
Spider’s Thread   Creates ropeilike strand that is sticky on one end. RP:101-0
Unruly Bolt   Ray deals 1d2 points of damage of random energy type over time. RP:101-0
Wooden Club   You create and can proficiently wield a club. RP:101-0
Bash   Caster gets a +2 insight bonus to next melee attack roll. RP:101-0
Canny Effort   Caster gains a +2 competence bonus on next skill check. RP:101-0
Decrypt   Helps decipher a coded message or cipher. RP:101-0
Detect Alchemy   As detect poison, but it detects objects created through alchemy and alchemical reagents rather than magic. SGG:110SV
Detect Charm   Determines whether a creature is under a charm effect. RP:101-0
Eyes of the Augur   Gain a +10 bonus to Spellcraft checks to identify a spell. RP:101-0
Omen Casting   If your target opponent made his previous save, your next spell DC improves by 1. RP:101-0
Seeker   Caster gets a +2 insight bonus to next ranged attack roll. RP:101-0
Sign of Discovery   Grant +2 insight bonus to your next knowledge, perception or sense motive check. RP:101-0
Stonesense   Gain stonecunning ability as a dwarf. RP:101-0
Summarize   Quickly summarize a text of up to 250 pages. RP:101-0
Awaken   Wake up one living creature. RP:101-0
Dawdle   The target suffers a -4 penalty to initiative. RP:101-0
Pause   Decrease target’s initiative by 4. RP:101-0
Restlessness   Target cannot sleep for 24 hours. RP:101-0
Shadow Snag   Single shadow-casting target touched is entangled. RP:101-0
Subconscious Aggression   Causes Critical Fumble to become an attack on an ally. RP:101-0
Touch of Fascination   Touch leaves target fascinated for 1 round. RP:101-0
Boom     TO:FF
Cauterize   Stabilizes but damages target. RP:101-0
Dancing Shadows   As dancing lights, but it creates 1 to 4 motes of darkness, each reducing light by 1 step. SGG:110SV
Dark Baubles   Object casts deep shadows in 20 ft. radius. RP:101-0
Dim   Dims light sources within 100 feet of object touched. RP:101-0
Disorienting Quake   One creature is shaken and must make a Acrobatics check or fall prone. RP:101-0
Irksome Weapon   Weapon of force threatens RP:101-0
Light My Fire   Starts a fire quickly. RP:101-0
Moment of Darkness     TO:FF
Pointer   Shines a beam of light from your finger. RP:101-0
Ray of Mercy   Ray deals 1d4 nonlethal damage. RP:101-0
Shelve   Returns a book to its shelf in the proper place. RP:101-0
Signal   Creates a loud sound. RP:101-0
Slapping Hand   Disembodied hand slaps target for 1 point of damage. RP:101-0
Trip Line   Creates a line of force, often used to trip creatures. RP:101-0
Ultrasonic Ray   Ranged touch attack inflicts 1d3 points of sonic damage. RP:101-0
Unarm Foe   Disarms subject. RP:101-0
Alter Taste   Changes the taste of one meal to a taste that is pleasant for the creature consuming it. RP:101-0
Clandestine Conversation   Allows two subjects to speak without being overheard. RP:101-0
False Blink     TO:FF
Gnome’s Gold   Touched object appears more valuable than it is. RP:101-0
Overlook   Hides a small object in plain sight. RP:101-0
Phantasmal Tripwire   Illusion causes subject to fall prone and suffer 1d3 nonlethal damage. RP:101-0
Timer   Creates a single sound after a preset amount of time. RP:101-0
Trifling Image   Creates tiny and immobile image. RP:101-0
Antagonize Wound   Touch deals 1 point of damage each round to an injured creature. RP:101-0
Askew Balance   Target creature falls prone. RP:101-0
Capture Alive   Target’s non-magical melee attacks inflict only nonlethal damage. RP:101-0
Low Blow   Target takes 1 point of bludgeoning damage, and becomes sickened for 1 round. RP:101-0
Ray of Decay     TO:FF
Spook Animal   Target animal is panicked. RP:101-0
Touch of Fatigue   Target becomes fatigued. RP:101-0
Touch of Lethargy   Target is staggered for one round. RP:101-0
Touch of Torment   Touch attack inflicts –1 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks. RP:101-0
Animate Tools   Tools automatically perform simple tasks. RP:101-0
Balance Weapon   Weapon becomes easier to use. RP:101-0
Blossom   Causes flowering plant to blossom. RP:101-0
Bone Spurs   Spikes of the target’s bones grow dealing 1d6 and +1 damage to its unarmed attacks. RP:101-0
Clean   Thoroughly scour one object or small room. RP:101-0
Cloth Armor   Unworn clothing becomes armor. RP:101-0
Crack   Inflicts damage to a single object, undead or construct creature. RP:101-0
Double Take     TO:FF
Encrypt   Encode a message to protect it from view. RP:101-0
Guide Vessel   A ship, cart, or wagon moves as you command. RP:101-0
Infuse Weapon   Touched weapon deals +1 damage of a chosen energy type. RP:101-0
Iounic Transportation   Object orbits your head. RP:101-0
Lightning Sand   Earth entangles foe. RP:101-0
Lightsight   Negate penalties caused by light. RP:101-0
Long Range Weapon   Thrown weapon or projectile gains 50% more range. RP:101-0
Mishap   You create a minor mishap. RP:101-0
Pants   Removes target’s pants. RP:101-0
Quicken Stride   Increase touched creature’s land speed. RP:101-0
Rigged Coin   Causes target coin to always land on face you choose. RP:101-0
Sanguine Focus
  Sorcerer Only. Gain +4 inherent bonus to effective level for level 1 bloodline powers. Sanguine Spell.
Shape Shadows
Increase or decrease the dimensions of natural shadows. AG:PS
Simple Bed   Creates a comfortable place to sleep giving caster +1 hp to normal healing rate for bed rest. RP:101-0
Smoke Image   Caster creates any shape out of existing smoke. RP:101-0
Tie/Unfasten   As open/close, but it affects rope, string, lacing, straps, and similar objects that hold knots. SGG:110SV

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1st-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source

Anchor a ship against the currents, holding up to 10 tons per caster level. NG:DMC
Cover Scent M Makes it more difficult to track with scent, -2 penalty to odor-based special attacks. JBE: BoM: SS1
Dispel Magic, Lesser   As dispel magic except maximum +5. RP:101-1
Flank Shield   Subject cannot be flanked. RP:101-1
Flashy Defenses   Chaos defends you against random types of attacks. RP:101-1
Foul Flesh   Caster’s foul taste dissuades living creatures from biting him. RP:101-1
Harden   Increases object’s hardness by 50%. RP:101-1
Reactive Armor   You gain a +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class (Immediate). RP:101-1
True Shield   Caster gains a +20 deflection bonus to AC against the next attack. RP:101-1
Valiant Resolve   Subject gains DR 10/lethal. RP:101-1
Ward, Lesser   Inscription harms those who pass it. RP:101-1
Blue Touch   Creates a blue glow that heals burn damage or cold subtype creatures for 1d4 hp +1 per caster level. SGG:IM
Brimstone   Fiery stone deals 1d4 fire damage/level (max 5d4) plus nauseates targets, as melee touch attack or splash weapon. RP:101-1
Jam Barrel   Your successful melee touch attack causes a jam in the targeted firearm. AE:ToS
Pearl of Brilliance   Silvery sphere deals 1d6 + 1 point/level damage plus dazzles targets (undead take more damage and are blinded), as melee touch attack or splash weapon. RP:101-1
Plunging Hood

Conjure a hood that renders its wearer blind and deaf, but immune to fear.
Poison Weapon   As magic weapon, but weapon becomes coated with poison. RP:101-1
Precipitate   Driving rain, sleet, or snow blocks sight and grants concealment, plus quenches fires, impedes movement. RP:101-1
Rejuvenate Familiar   As rejuvenate eidolon, except it applies to the caster’s familiar. SGG:110SV
Repair Light Damage   As cure light wounds, but it repairs objects and constructs that aren’t destroyed rather than healing living creatures. SGG:110SV
Summon Horror I
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Summon Minion I   As summon monster I, but summons npcs. SGG:110SV
Summon Weapon   Melee or ranged weapon of your choice (Immediate). RP:101-1
Torchbearer   You conjure a creature that carries a torch, sunrod, lantern or daylight spell. RP:101-1
  Record a conversation on a scroll, book, or tablet
Briefly Visible   Invisible creatures or objects within 10 feet become visible to caster for one round. RP:101-1
Discerning Eye   Reveals the exact monetary value of a single item RP:101-1
Down and Out   Empowers you to make trip and disarm attempts (Swift). RP:101-1
Foes’ Measure   Learn the class and level or creature type and hit dice of all creatures in a 30’ radius. RP:101-1
Inspired Initiative   Subjects gain +2 bonus on their next initiative check. RP:101-1
Mental Sentinel   Gain a +2 perception bonus or expend the spell for a +2 bonus to initiative RP:101-1
Skill Lore   Target gains an insight bonus of +1/two caster levels one skill check. RP:101-1
Clarissa's Confusing Speech Target has trouble understanding and being understood. JBE: BoM: SS2
Clarity of Thought   Grants +4 insight bonus to Concentration checks. RP:101-1
Clear Conscience   Caster loses all memory of events just prior to casting the spell. RP:101-1
Cock’s Crow   Creatures immediately awaken. RP:101-1
Contrariness   Target must lie and be generally disagreeable and difficult. RP:101-1
Distract   Subject becomes flat-footed. RP:101-1
Fight or Flight   Target gains temporary bonus to hit or to speed. 4W:S&T
Guilt   One evil target is denied an action. RP:101-1
Hesitation   Target’s initiative count drops by your caster level (Swift). RP:101-1
Id Seizure   Disorienting thoughts limit actions in target creature. RP:101-1
Ignore   Distracted creature suffers a –5 penalty to Perception checks. RP:101-1
Malicious Intent   Subjects take –1 or –2 on saves. RP:101-1
Pacifist     4W:BoDM
Pacifist     TO:FF
Unspeakable Tongue   Target cannot speak intelligibly. RP:101-1
Airblast   Make a ranged combat maneuver against one foe. SGG:AM
Biting Wind   Blast of continual wind deals 1d6 subdual and may cause target to become shaken. SGG:IM
Brilliant Arc   Arcing ray of electricity deals 1d4/2 levels (max 5d4). RP:101-1
Caustic Cloud   As sound burst but it deals 1d6 acid, +1 per 2 levels, and targets save or are blinded for 1 round. SGG:110SV
Cutting Flame   Creates a flame capable of cutting through steel. RP:101-1
Energy Missile   Ranged touch attack deals 1d6+1 damage of the chosen energy type; +1 missile/2 levels above 1st (max 5). RP:101-1
Grasp of Darkness

Shadowy touch deals 1d6 cold damage/level, clouds target’s vision.
Heat Lightning   Vertical strokes of lightning deal 1d6 nonlethal damage +1/level (max +5), plus dazzle and set creatures on fire. RP:101-1
Hidden Illumination

Invisible field enhances low-light vision and darkvision.
Hot Foot     TO:FF
Magic Mace   As magic missile, but it deals d8s rather than d4s. SGG:110SV
Pressure Spray   Deals 1d6 non-lethal damage and may knock down targets. RP:101-1
Self-Loading Bolts   Target bolts automatically load. RP:101-1
Sky Bolt     TO:FF
Shadow Stream
Chilling shadows deal 1d4 cold damage/level (max 5d4) in a 30 ft. line.
Sword Shock   Deals 1d4 damage/level, and target may drop object held. RP:101-1
Torchbearer   As dancing lights, but effects a creature touched. SGG:110SV
White Noise   Creates a loud sound and white light causing a –20 penalty to Perception checks. RP:101-1
Wind Tunnel   Use curtains of air to aid your allies’ movement, and hinder your foes’ SGG:AM
Animate Tattoo   Creates a moving image on a subject’s body that can attack. RP:101-1
Awe     TO:FF
Deep Shadows   Enhances shadows so they grant minor concealment bonus. RP:101-1
Glamour   Caster becomes physically attractive. RP:101-1
Gloomlight   Grant creatures with darkvision the ability to perceive color in the area. RP:101-1
Invisible Familiar   Familiar becomes invisible. RP:101-1
Minor Lasting Image   Creates permanent, tiny, immobile image. RP:101-1
Pins and Needles   Victim suffers a –1 circumstance penalty on all attack rolls and skill checks, and requires a Concentration check to cast spells. RP:101-1
Shadow Ammunition
Create quasi-real masterwork ammunition. AG:PS
Shadow Weapon   Create a quasi-real melee weapon. RP:101-1
Animate Skeleton   Animate and control one skeletal servant. RP:101-1
Bleeding Wounds   Attack on target deals +1d6 damage. RP:101-1
Curse of Ineptitude   Target experiences clumsiness and bad luck (Swift). RP:101-1
Hex of the Bull's Eye   Target suffers a 20% hit chance. RP:101-1
Inflict Pain   Causes 2d6+1/level nonlethal damage and a -1 penalty to attack rolls, ability and skill checks for 1 minute. RP:101-1
Lash Fey   Cloud of cold iron filings and negative energy deals 1d6/level to fey (max 5d6). RP:101-1
Missteps   Subject’s speed and Dexterity are temporarily reduced. RP:101-1
Virulence   Weakens the innate resistance of its target making him more susceptible to poison and disease effects. RP:101-0
Adjust   Armor, shield, weapon, jewelry, or clothing resizes to fit caster. RP:101-1
Alter Liquid   Transmute 1 pint/level of liquid (max 5 pints). RP:101-1
Alter Poison Damage Type   Changes poison’s damage type for 1 min./level. RP:101-1
Awesome Strike   Melee attack knocks back foe (Swift). RP:101-1
Borrow Skill   Use target creature’s ranks in one skill. RP:101-1
Breathtwist   You change the nature of your energy breath weapon so that it deals a different type of energy (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic). RP:101-1
Clear Jam   Any barrel jams in the target firearm are cleared.  AE:ToS
Climb   Gain a +5 bonus to Climb checks. SGG:AH1
Color   Changes the color of a creature or object. RP:101-1
Energy Weapon   One weapon deals an additional 1d6 damage of the chosen energy type. RP:101-1
Escape Grapple   Improves grapple and Escape RP:101-1
Eyes of Eventide

Subject gains low-light vision, bonus on saves that would hinder vision.
Color   Changes the color of a creature or object. RP:101-1
Energy Weapon   One weapon deals an additional 1d6 damage of the chosen energy type. RP:101-1
Erase Tattoo
  Erase a mundane tattoo from a target
Escape Grapple   Improves grapple and Escape RP:101-1
Fireshape     4W:BoDM
Fool's Gold     TO:FF
Ice Arm   Touch attack deals 1d8 +1/ level (maximum +20) and protects arm from fire. RP:101-1
Overcompensation   Weapon increases size and damage. RP:101-1
Peephole   Creates a small opening through a wooden, plaster, or stone wall. RP:101-1

Grow a limb with a 10 ft. reach that can deliver slam and touch attacks.
Sanguine Enhancement
  Sorcerer Only. Gain +6 inherent bonus to level for determining bloodline powers. Sanguine Spell.
Shadow Hands   Causes 1d4/level cold damage (max 5d4). RP:101-1
Spikes of the Locust Tree   Improves grapple and Escape Artist checks (Immediate). RP:101-1
Dead Man's Ink
  Transfer an enchanted tattoo from a corpse to a willing target.

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2nd-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Arcane Seal, Lesser   Magic seal protects door or other closure, can deal energy damage if broken. RP:101-2
Baleful Shield   As shield, but AC applies only against efforts by allies to heal or aid the target. SGG:110SV
Earthskin   Gain DR 5/magic for 1 min./level or until discharged. RP:101-2
Ice Aegis   Gain deflection bonus and fire resistance. RP:101-2
Protection from Aberrations

+2 to AC and saves, plus additional protection against aberrations AP:RR
Shift Aim   Target becomes difficult to successfully target with ranged attacks and spell attacks cast at range. RP:101-2
Supernatural Ward   Subject gains +4 bonus on saves against supernatural abilities (Immediate). RP:101-1
Thief Ward   Sleight of Hand and Stealth checks are made at a -10 penalty. RP:101-2
Touch Me Not     TO:FF
Amber Globes   Up to five globes of energy deal 1d6 electricity damage total (max. 10d6) as splash weapons, or can be detonated remotely. RP:101-2
Brightmatter   Sticky phosphorescent mass sheds light where ifs attached. RP:101-2
Chaotic Bolt   One or more energy bolts cause 2d4 damage of random energy type. RP:101-2
Chilling Mist (2)   Icy vapor grants concealment and deals 1d6 damage per round of nonlethal damage. RP:101-2
Dimension Hop   You, touched objects, and your familiar or companion teleport to any spot within close range. RP:101-2
Guardian Beast   Absorbs 1d6/level of damage (max 8d6) from the first attack. RP:101-2
Readied Pistol   Target firearm is loaded and can be fired immediately. AE:ToS
Serac     SGG:IM
Shooting Star   You cause a fiery hot stone to fall from the sky doing 2d6 per level damage to a single target. RP:101-2
Shunt   Place target into the Ethereal Plane for 1 round. RP:101-2
Summon Arcane Bond Object   Summon your arcane bond object. SGG:V
Summon Horror II
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Support Beam   You instantly conjure a cluster of pillars that temporarily supports a collapsing ceiling. RP:101-2
Examine Coffin   Allows the caster to probe the contents of a sealed coffin. RP:101-2
Memory Crystal   Permanently store a memory in a crystal or gem. RP:101-2
Oathbind   Willing participants immediately gain awareness that another party has violated the terms of a written contract. RP:101-2
Speak with Objects   You communicate telepathically with manufactured objects. RP:101-2
True Casting   The save DC of your spells improve consecutively until your target fails a save. RP:101-2
Autocannibalism   Forces subject to bite itself. 4W:S&T
Burning Gaze     TO:FF
Curse of Prevarication   Subject can't tell the truth. RP:101-2
Fit of Pique   Force target to attack its ally. RP:101-2
Friendly Face     TO:FF
Heartache     TO:FF
Hesitate   One subject per level goes last in the initiative order and does not take its first attack of opportunity each round. RP:101-2
Insomnia   Subject is unable to sleep, suffers from fatigue and is unable to heal naturally. RP:101-2
One Track Mind     4W:BoDM
One Track Mind     TO:FF
Scatterbrained     TO:FF
Slip of the Tongue     TO:FF
Touch of Frailty   As touch of idiocy but it reduces Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. SGG:110SV
Utter Failure   Target takes -20 on next attack roll, automatically misses concealed targets. RP:101-2
Acid Salt   Fills a 30 ft./level wide and 100 ft. high cylinder with acidic salt, dealing 1d3+1 acid damage to those within. SGG:AH1
Distortion Field   Grants total concealment against blindsight and tremorsense. RP:101-2
Dust Wall   Curtain of airborne dust grants soft cover, blinds living creatures. RP:101-2
Force Club   You create and can proficiently wield a club made of force energy. RP:101-2
Frostfield   Creates a field of frost that extinguishes normal fires, damages creatures with the fire subtype, and can be used to counter spells with the fire descriptor. SGG:IM
Phantom Limb   Mimic the sensation of a limb. 4W:S&T
Recipricocity   You significantly damage another, but take half of that damage yourself. RP:101-2
Rolling Boulder   Boulder knocking creatures prone, dealing 3d6 bludgeoning damage. RP:101-2
Shadow Ball

Hovering ball of darkness deals 3d6 cold damage.
Spectral Sail

Create a shimmering sail of pure magical energy that performs like a standard sail. NG:DMC
Staffstrike, Lesser   Shockwaves from your staff deal bludgeoning and sonic damage and deafen creatures when you slam your staff. RP:101-2
Stonefist   Stony shell encases your hand, grants bonuses on unarmed strikes. RP:101-2
Subduing Ray   You shoot up to 3 rays of nonlethal force causing 5d6 nonlethal damage each. RP:101-2
Thunderfist   Make unarmed attacks at range. SGG:AM
Undertow     TO:FF
Water Jet   High-pressure water extinguishes fires, deals 1d6/level damage (max. 5D6), can knock creatures back. RP:101-2
Approaching Wizard

Traps a book to create illusory sounds of an approaching wizard when touched.
Dark Confinement

Subjects are unable to leave  dimly lit areas.
Delude Divination   Divination attempts against target may fail and produce random results. RP:101-2
Disguise Wounds   You cause the subject to appear resilient to various forms of damage. RP:101-2
Night Shield

Shadow forms into shield that deflects ranged attacks, blocks magic missiles.
Obscure Text   Magical or mundane writing appears illegible. RP:101-2
Phantasmal Foe   Fearsome illusion inflicts cowering or shaken condition on subject. RP:101-2
Phantasmal Pit   Fearsome illusion inflicts prone and/or stunned condition on subject. RP:101-2
Phantasmal Swarm   Fearsome illusion inflicts nauseated or sickened condition on subject. RP:101-2
Phantom Familiar   You alter the appearance of your familiar. RP:101-2
Shadow Binding

Target’s shadow restricts it, entangling and causing attacks to miss.
Shadow Conjuration, Lesser

As shadow conjuration, but up to 1st level and 20% real.
Shadow Necromancy, Lesser

As shadow necromancy, but up to 1st level and 20% real.
Shadow Ribbons   Ranged touch attack inflicts entangled condition, + 1 ray/four levels (max 3). RP:101-2
Shadow Sentry   A shadowy warrior guards, patrols or attacks on your command. RP:101-2
Undetectable Poison   Allows you to mask the presence of poisons. RP:101-1
Vertigo   You cause creatures to become dizzy to the point of being sickened and perhaps fall prone. RP:101-2
Wall of Shadow   Wall blocks line of sight, grants concealment, and total concealment; passing through the wall entangles subjects. RP:101-2
Angry Wound   Touch deals 1d6 damage each round. RP:101-2
Bear's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Con. RP:101-2
Bull's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Str. RP:101-2
Cat's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Dex. RP:101-2
Damage Loins   Target takes 1d6 damage/2 levels, moves at half speed, becomes sickened for 1d4 rounds. RP:101-2
Eagle's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Cha. RP:101-2
Exhaustion   Target becomes exhausted. RP:101-2
Fox's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Int. RP:101-2
Frigid Slowness   Causes 1d4/level points of cold damage (max 10d4) and the target is slowed. RP:101-2
Hex of Chaos   Target suffers a random curse every round. RP:101-2
Languor   Touch attack inflicts one temporary negative level. RP:101-2
Mute   Subject cannot produce sounds from its mouth. RP:101-2
Necrophage   Pale yellow slime devours the flesh of an undead target. RP:101-2
Necrotic Claws     TO:FF
Owl's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Wis. RP:101-2
Torn Muscle   One living creature is flat-footed, cannot run, and suffers a -4 penalty to attacks, skills and ability checks. RP:101-2
Ant’s Strength   As bull’s strength, but it grants a +6 bonus to Strength for all purposes except the target’s attack and damage bonuses. SGG:110SV
Augment Poison   Changes a poison's DC, adds +1 to ability damage, and adds 1 round to its duration. RP:101-2
Beneficent Breeze   Target’s movement is aided by friendly winds. SGG:AM
Break Object   Inflicts damage and broken condition on a single object or damages a construct creature. RP:101-2
Caustic Weapon  
Chinook   Create a warm wind that raised the temperature and can dispel cold effects. SGG:AM
Code Skill   Gives a construct ranks in a single skill. RP:101-2
Dire Form   Animals or magical beasts become feral and more powerful. RP:101-2
Earthmaw   Gaping maw in the ground bites to grapple and swallow any creature in its space. RP:101-2
Energy Loop   Create a hoop that gives energy resistance to creatures that pass through it PFU:W1
Envenomed Skin   The caster's skin becomes mottled with poison-filled pustules that can burst in a 5-ft. radius. RP:101-2
Expeditious Charge   You temporarily are faster and more agile. RP:101-2
Exploding Critical   A weapon's criticals deal additional force damage. RP:101-2
Eyes of Eventide, Communal

As eyes of eventide, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Fall Up   You reverse gravity for yourself. RP:101-2
Flexarmor   You reduce the armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance for a single set of armor or a shield. RP:101-2
Fool's Luck   Touched creature is briefly luckier against traps, hazards, poisons and diseases. RP:101-2
Giant Boulder   Magical stones are hurled and strike targets as boulders. RP:101-2
Khazri   Create a cold wind that lowers the temperature and can dispel fire effects. SGG:AM
Launching Perch

Creatures that perch on your arm can launch a special flying charge attack.
Magnify Vision

Double the range of your vision
Program Feat   Gives one construct the benefits of a single feat. RP:101-2
Ride Winds   Fall safely, levitate, or fly by floating on the air. RP:101-2
Sanguine Focus, Greater
  Sorcerer Only. Gain +10 inherent bonus to effective level for level 1 bloodline powers. Sanguine Spell.
Scout's Hike   Target receives +2 to Dex, +4 to Stealth checks, and base land speed increases by 10 feet. RP:101-2
Totem I   You turn your familiar into a creature from the summon monster I chart. SGG:110SV
War Staff   As magic weapon but your staff makes 1 attack/round as a free action. SGG:110SV

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3rd-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Armor of Light   Creates a shimmering armor that grants a +1 deflection bonus, dazzles attackers, and causes attacks to miss 20% of the time. RP:101-3
Blackout   Blocks darkvision. RP:101-3
Counterattack   You make a free melee attack when threatened by an opponent. RP:101-3
Demon Flesh, Lesser   The subject gains damage reduction 5/cold iron and good. RP:101-3
Fey Ward   Barrier keeps out fey creatures. RP:101-3
Glass House   You create a protective cube of magical glass. RP:101-3
Magic Spike   Bolt of energy inflicts a -2 penalty to spell, spell-like ability and supernatural DCs. RP:101-3
Share Armor   Caster transfers natural armor to subject. RP:101-3
True Aspect   As true form, but it applies to illusions concealing appearance, including invisibility, rather than the normal benefit. SGG:110SV
Black Ray of Fleshparting   An obsidian ray deals 1d6 physical damage per caster level BP:VR
Blinding Ash   Obscure vision and cause 2d6 fire damage per round. RP:101-3
Bridge of Crystal   Create a crystal bridge that extends over a large gap. RP:101-3
Chilling Mist   Icy vapor grants concealment, deals 1d6/round nonlethal damage. RP:101-3
Cresting Waves   Continually blows away or knocks down creatures and objects. RP:101-3
Crushing Pressure   A band of water crushes subject, dealing damage and disrupting spells with verbal components. RP:101-3
Filch   Teleport one unattended object anywhere within range. RP:101-3
Force Marbles   Invisible spheres of force impede movement and increase strength of any surface. RP:101-3
Frictionless Sheet   Slippery liquid reduces movement cause creatures to fall prone. RP:101-3
Fumes   As obscuring mist, but creatures take 2d6 fire damage each turn they are in area. SGG:110SV
Magic Shop   You conjure a sturdy merchant’s shop. RP:101-3
River of Blood

Trap a spellbook to conjure a river of nasueating blood
Sulfurous Stench   Cloud of sulfurous gas nauseates victims. RP:101-3
Summon Firearm   You summon a loaded firearm or crossbow directly to your hand. RP:101-3
Summon Horror III
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Sunglobe   Searing globe deals 1d8 fire damage/level (max. 10d8) plus blinds targets, as melee touch attack or splash weapon. RP:101-3
Teleporting Strike   Temporarily teleport a short distance. 4W:S&T
Trade Wind   Summon favorable winds to increase a ship’s speed or a creature’s flight. SGG:AM
Combat Awareness   You gain a +2 insight bonus to AC and on Reflex saves. RP:101-3
Dream Learning   Gain a bonus to one skill check. RP:101-3
Glimpse of Knowledge   Use a bard’s knowledge. RP:101-3
Hand of the Marksman   Your firearm or crossbow attack is an automatic critical threat. RP:101-3
Perilous Strike   Grant +20 bonus to your attack roll and potential critical. RP:101-3
Plant Spy   Turn a plant into a recording device. RP:101-3
Psychic Twin   You and target share skill ranks, neither can be surprised nor flanked unless both are. RP:101-3
Remembrance   You instantly recall something specific from your past that you want to remember. RP:101-3
Touch of History     PFU:W4
Tracer   Know the location and direction of an object. RP:101-3
Animal Mind   Subject believes it’s a specific kind of animal. RP:101-3
Aura of Peace   Creatures near caster have combat penalties. RP:101-3
Curse of Truth   Target is incapable of speaking falsehoods. RP:101-3
Euphoria   Subject feels good despite danger or pain. RP:101-3
Glossolalia   Target’s speech becomes random and inappropriate. RP:101-3
Indecision   Target delays action and must succeed on a Will save to take any actions. RP:101-3
Indisputable Fact   the subject believes something you tell them to believe. RP:101-3
Lost   Subject moves at half speed in a random direction each round. RP:101-3
Memory of Love     TO:FF
Night Terror

Subjects become terrified of darkness.
Surge   Target creature gains +20 to initiative. RP:101-3
Uncontrollable Rage   Target gains rage bonuses and penalties but must attack nearest creature; attacks can cause targets to rage as well. RP:101-3
Acid Spit   Spit deals 1d6 points of acid damage and blinds target. RP:101-3
Arctic Air   Creates a 20 ft. radius sphere of cold air that damages. SGG:IM
Bands of Force   You entangle and squeeze a single opponent. RP:101-3
Flaming Bolt

Imbue ammunition with a to deal fire damage
Force Spikes   Spikes of force deal 1d6 points of damage and entangle, grapple, or pin targets in place. RP:101-3
Molten   Melts metal object and deals damage to creatures in contact with molten metal object. RP:101-3
Object Grenade   Thrown object explodes inflicting 1d4/level piercing damage in a 20-foot radius burst. RP:101-3
Piercing Bolt   Bolt of force destroys abjurations and force protections and inflicts 1d8 points of damage/two levels. RP:101-3
Shadow Vortex

Whirlwind of shadowy energy deals 1d6/level in 15-ft. radius, dazzles creatures.
Temporary Enchantment I   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
Wall of Darkness

Wall of shadows grants concealment, fatigues those passing through.
Wall of Water   Create a thick curtain of water that provides concealment and can damage fire-based creatures. RP:101-3
Water Blast   Burst of water deals 1d6 points of nonlethal damage per level and may knock down targets. RP:101-3
Weapons Storm   You create force duplicates of your weapon that hit what you hit. RP:101-3
False Feather Screen
Harass and distract a target with a flock of illusionary birds PFU:W1
False Pain   Target creature takes 1d6 nonlethal damage per round and suffers a –2 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks and ability checks. RP:101-3
Illusory Glue

Affected creatures believe the pages of a spellbook are glued together.
Mask Limb   Convinces the subject they have lost a limb. 4W:S&T
Oozing Script

Trap a book so that affected creatures believe the ink is trying to eat them.
Phantasmal Foe

Subject believes it is always flanked by illusory opponent.
Phantasmal Fog   You cause the target creature to instantly believe that a cloud of fog has suddenly enveloped her. RP:101-3
Phantom Hawker   You create a disembodied voice that repeats a message continuously for the spell’s duration. RP:101-3
Play Along   Makes casters believe spells were effective when they were not. RP:101-3
Predatory Stealth   Target creatures become harder to detect. RP:101-3
Secret Speech   You and creatures you select conceal hidden messages in your normal speech. RP:101-3
Shadow Evocation, Lesser

As shadow evocation, but up to 2nd level spells and 20% real.
Shadow Healing   Illusion of cure moderate wounds grants 2d8 temp hp plus 1 temp hp/level (max +10); target has attitude improved by one-step, takes –2 a penalty on saves against your enchantment spells. RP:101-3
Shadow Sentry, Greater   A shadowy warrior guards, patrols or attacks on your command. RP:101-3
Shadow Structure

Illusory structure supports or impedes creatures.
Weapon of Nightmares   You infuse a dagger with energy that delivers horrid visions that deal +1d8/level nonlethal damage and renders the victim unconscious. RP:101-3
Abhorrent Blight   Target suffers 1d6 hit points/level and suffers 1 point of Charisma damage/2 levels. RP:101-3
Beast’s Curse   Target is incessantly hounded by animals. RP:101-3
Bone Tattoo   Grants spell resistance of 10 + level against cold, polymorph , and mind- affecting attacks. RP:101-3
Cause/Cure Bends     TO:FF
Curse of Capturing   Target inflicts only nonlethal damage and conditions. RP:101-3
Curse of Chaos   Target suffers random changes each day to appearance, abilities, etc. RP:101-3
Curse of Item Rebellion   A single item acts as if cursed. RP:101-3
Foehn   Cone-shaped area filled with wind that sickens those within. SGG:AM
Hemophilia   Target’s wounds bleed profusely, suffering Con damage. RP:101-3
Seek the Soulless   Deals nonliving creatures and objects 1d6 points of damage/level. RP:101-3
Siphoning Touch, Lesser   Receive the effects of a 2nd level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Skull Sight   You can see through the eyes of an enchanted skull. RP:101-3
Arcane Bow   As gravity bow, but the effect is to gain the arcane archer's imbue arrow power. SGG:110SV
Awesome Striker   One melee attack per round knocks back foes. RP:101-3
Black and Blue     TO:FF
Blood Crystals   Subject's blood crystallizes and rips through veins causing 4d6 points of damage. RP:101-3
Corrosive Blood   Piercing and slashing weapons take acid damage. RP:101-3
Deepsight   Extend darkvision by 60 ft. RP:101-3
Delayed Reaction     4W:BoDM
Desiccate   Cause an ooze to become vulnerable to critical hits and precision damage. SGG:AH1
Enhance Item   Magic item DC increases by +2. RP:101-3
Free Hand   Hand detaches and moves independently. RP:101-3
Glide   As spider climb, but you don’t need any free limbs to move, and you ignore difficult terrain rather than climb up walls. SGG:110SV
Halt Constructs   Render up to three constructs immobile. RP:101-3
Holding the Viper   Transforms weapon into Medium viper. RP:101-3
Immobilize Object   Target object cannot move. RP:101-3
Intelligent Object   Item gains semblance of intelligence. RP:101-3
Mud Pit   As the “overgrowth” option of plant growth but no plants are needed. SGG:110SV
Reverse Gender     TO:FF
Sanguine Boon
  Sorcerer Only. Gain +4 inherent bonus to effective level for level 1 bloodline powers. Sanguine Spell.
Secret Pockets   As greater magic weapon, but it turns containers into bags of holding rather than the normal benefit. SGG:110SV
Sensory Deprivation

Creature has its extraordinary senses negated.
Shelter Out of Time

All creatures and objects within a 5 ft. square are instantly transferred to a temporary extradimensional space in which time does not pass. AP:RR
Talon Tagalong

You are weightless for a flying creature that is carrying you.
Toady   Temporarily turns subject into a small, harmless animal. RP:101-3
Troll Arms   Creature gains increased Strength and reach. RP:101-3
Vermin Kiss   Vermin creatures are drawn to and nest in and upon the cursed subject. RP:101-3

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4th-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Cover Scent, Greater M Cannot track with scent, odor-based special attacks are negated. JBE: BoM: SS1
Acid Touch   Deal acid damage with a touch SMG:IOB
Cavalry   As mount, but you summon 1 mount/level, and summoned mounts serve anyone you designate. SGG:110SV
Crush   Create an exploding boulder. SGG:AH1
Extraction   As king’s castle, except you don’t move, and the target arrives in a space adjacent to you. SGG:110SV
Frost Fighters   Summons four small ice elementals to fight for you. SGG:IM
Iceshockle   Creates an ice weapon with reach attached to one of your arms that deals 2d6 damage and can attack adjacent foes or can be used once as a ranged attack. SGG:IM
Phineus' Writhing Tentacles

Trap a spellbook to conjure multiple tentacles to drive away creatures other than the caster.
Sirocco   Summon a sandstorm that grants concealment, blows around small items, and deals 1d3 points of damage a round. SGG:AM
Summon Horror IV
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Barrage   As true strike, but the effect is the arcane archer's ‘hail of arrows ’ power rather than the normal benefit. SGG:110SV
Ice Mirror   Functions like scrying but requires a sheet of ice as a focus. SGG:IM
Phobia     4W:BoDM
Phobia     TO:FF
Comet Swarm   As scorching ray, but bolts deal 4d4 damage, and you get 1 bolt/3 caster levels. In the next round, if you miss, you can redirect the bolt at a new target within range. SGG:110SV
Gale Scythe   Create a whirling blade of air to harm and trip your foes. SGG:AM
Negative Image
Light becomes darkness and darkness becomes light within 60 ft. of object.
Scalding Sea     TO:FF
Shadow Ball, Greater

Hovering ball of darkness deals 6d6 cold damage and hampers vision.
Temporary Enchantment II   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
Thunderfist, Greater   Make unarmed attacks and related special attacks at range. SGG:AM
Illusory Edge

As greater magic weapon, but with quasi-real special weapon abilities.
Illusory Strike

Illusion spell you control attacks as if it were real.
Illusory Vestment

As magic vestment, but with quasi-real special armor abilities.
Mute   As silence, but effecting a single target. SGG:110SV
Night Armor

Shadow forms into armor that grants DR 5/silver and deflects ranged attacks.
Plumage Lure

Cause a flying creature to emit pulses of light that fascinate observers
Shadow Courier
Turn an object into shadowstuff to meld it into a creature’s shadow.
Shadow Necromancy

Mimics necromancy spells below 4th level, but only 20% real.
Extract Knowledge

Learn details about one thing from target disembodied brain
Shadow Touch

Necrotic touch attack deals 1d4+1 Strength damage.
Symbol of Blinding
Triggered rune permanently blinds creatures.
Venomous Pages

Trap a spellbook with a contact poison that affects creatures other than the caster
Arcane Forge   As greater magic weapon, but you can forgo some of the enhancement bonus granted for special weapon abilities for which you meet the prerequisites to craft. SGG:110SV
Aspect of the Dragon   As aspect of the wolf, but you take on a draconic appearance and the bonuses granted are +4 to Constitution and Charisma, and +2 tocaster level checks. SGG:110SV
Body Heat Ray   Deals 1d6/level cold damage to one target and 1d6/level fire damage to another. 4W:S&T
Burning Ink
  Turn mundane tattoo ink in a target into acid
Fill the Sails

Create a localized rush of air that fills the sails of one ship. NG:DMC
Foot/Hand Burst   Severs target’s hand or foot. 4W:S&T
Mnemonic Alteration
  Sorcerer Only. Temporarily swap spell known with written source.
Polymorph Weapon   As polymorph any object, but you can polymorph weapons into other weapons with the same magic abilities only. SGG:110SV
Reduce Monster   As reduce animal, but targets one living creature. SGG:110SV
Shadow Form

Subject becomes a natural shadow.
Halt Plants   Holds plant creatures immobile. RP:101-3

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5th-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Algid Aura   You gain the cold subtype, snow falls where you walk, and enemies may become frozen if they strike you in melee combat. SGG:IM
Covetous Aura     TO:FF
Faux Find   As nondetection, but failed divinations also create random false detection of target elsewhere within the divination spell’s range. SGG:110SV
Sea Lord   As freedom of movement, except it does not grant the benefits of that spell’s first paragraph, and it does grant the power to breath underwater for the spell’s duration. SGG:110SV
Aegis   As sepia snake sigil, except it is cast on a shield and targets a creature that knocks-out or kills the shield-bearer with a sepia snake sigil. SGG:110SV
Arcane Nova   As summon monster I but it summons a lantern archon with 10 hp/caster level. SGG:110SV
Ethereal Library
Conceal your spellbook on the Ethereal Plane.
Summon Arcane Bond Object, Greater M Summon your arcane bond object. SGG:V
Summon Horror V
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Updraft   Launches a foe 10 ft. per caster level straight up. 4W:S&T
Wall of Disease     PFU:W4
Kiss of Unrequited Love

Target must make a Will save or attempt to coup-de-grace itself
Mage Fire   As flame blade, but it deals 1d4 damage per 3 levels. SGG:110SV
Rain of Darts   Magical darts target creatures in an area. 4W:S&T
Tempest Hammer   Control a massive blast of damaging air. SGG:AM
Temporary Enchantment III   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
Wall of Darkness, Greater

As wall of darkness, but exhausts creatures that pass through and cannot be seen through with darkvision.
Shadow Gate

Teleport multiple creatures within your stretched-out shadow.

Shadowy wings can be used to attack or create burst of negative energy.
Shadow Field

Area of shadows and negative energy deals 1d4 Strength damage each round.
The Spreading Mark
  Create a spreading tattoo that kills its bearer when it covers their entire body.
Arm/Leg Burst   Severs target’s arm or leg. 4W:S&T
Break, Mass   As break, but effecting multiple targets. SGG:110SV
Control Winds, Lesser   Make minor changes to wind direction and speed. SGG:AM
Falcon Flag
Animate a flag to guide creatures untiringly to a destination. PFU:W1
Impotency     TO:FF
Ooze Shape I

Shapeshift into an ooze
Resistant Sorcery
  Sorcerer Only. Bloodline spells become harder to suppress, dispel, or counter.

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6th-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Scry Trap   As alarm, but when the alarm goes off it automatically shows you a vision of the area alarmed, as the scry spell. SGG:110SV
Delayed Teleport   Teleport as an immediate action. 4W:S&T
Molten Glass Bolt   As acid arrow but it deals 5d6 fire/round and target is slowed. SGG:110SV
Summon Horror VI
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Tidal Wave   As aqueous orb, but colossal, deals 6d6, passes 30-foot walls, and affects gargantuan targets. SGG:110SV
Winter Warrior   Summons an ice elemental to aid you in combat. SGG:IM
Unconscious Agenda     TO:FF
Blood Spray V, S, F  A cone of bloody fire sprays from your wound  JBE: BoM: IoS 
Floating Sphere   As telekinetic sphere, but the sphere is only as tough as a wall of stone, and it takes a move action to direct it to fly. SGG:110SV
Ring of Fire   As the 'circle option' of wall of fire. SGG:110SV
Shadow Blast

Powerful blast of shadowy energy deals 1d6/level in 60-ft. cone, blinds creatures.
Temporary Enchantment IV   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
Phantasmal Polymorph

Subject believes it has been transformed into something else.
Shadow Binding, Mass

As shadow binding, but affects 1 creature/level.
Curse of the Lightless
Target no longer casts a shadow, becomes vulnerable to light like a vampire.
Grave Influence   As mass suggestion, but effects undead. SGG:110SV
Siphoning Touch   Receive the effects of a 5th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
The target becomes encased in magical crystal and petrified. AP:RR

Imbue glass with farvision, allowing those who look through it to see as with darkvision NG:DMC
Form of Madness   As beast shape IV, except it allows you to become a small, medium, or large aberration. SGG:110SV
Ooze Shape II

Shapeshift into an ooze
Powerful Sorcery
  Sorcerer Only. Cast 0th, 1st, or 2nd level as swift action when casting bloodline spells.
Sensory Deprivation, Greater

As sensory deprivation, but also negates magical and supernatural senses.

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7th-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Banish Light

Creates total darkness within 30 ft., negates light and fire magic.
Banish Shadows

Creates brilliant light within 30 ft., negates darkness and shadow magic.
Avalanche   Create an avalanche anywhere you can see that deals 1d8 cold damage per 2 caster levels and bull rushes those it strikes. SGG:IM
Champion of the Tome

Conjure a magical guardian to protect a spellbook.
Portal   As transport via plants, except travel is from doorway to doorway rather than plant to plant. SGG:110SV
Summon Horror VII
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Summon Siren   As summon monster VI, except you summon one succubus who has pied piper as if you cast it. SGG:110SV
Teleport Attack

You teleport a target creature or object into a solid surface or object to deal Constitution damage RP:101-MWP

Sleepwalker     TO:FF
Symbol of Sorcery
  Sorcerer Only. As symbol of death, but the symbol triggers a bloodline spell.
Shadow Necromancy, Greater

As shadow necromancy, but up to 6th level and 60% real.
Shadow Space

Overlap real world with Plane of Shadow, causing area to distort randomly.
Shadow Terrain

As mirage arcana, but created structures are quasi-real.

Embody M As reincarnate, except dead creature is brought back in a specific dead body you have, which acts as the focus. SGG:110SV

This spell grants any ordinary, non-magical glass the strong, indestructible qualities of iron. NG:DMC
Ooze Form   As gaseous form. SGG:110SV
Ooze Shape III

Shapeshift into an ooze
Time Stop, Lesser     4W:BoDM

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8th-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Prismatic Shield   As shield, but foes striking you with a melee attack are hit by one ray from the prismatic ray table. SGG:110SV
Maw of the Nightwave
Giant shark’s jaws tear at enemies and inflict negative levels.
Pestilence   As summon swarm but any creature damaged by the swarm is targeted by a contagion spell cast at your caster level. SGG:110SV
Summon Horror VIII
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Ice Mirror, Greater     SGG:IM
Alystin's Puppet Army

Dominate multiple creatures as per the dominate monster spell, with the effect passing from one creature to the next
Vortex   Create a Medium cyclone that attacks your foes. SGG:AM
Alter Reality M As limited wish, but it creates effects that could exist without magic only. SGG:110SV
Blood Curse
  Sorcerer Only. Curse target with penalties against your spells known and bloodline powers.

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9th-Level Arcanist/Sorcerer/Wizard Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Flying Castle   As secure shelter, except the area is 100-square-feet/level, and the structure has a 60-foot fly speed and moves as you direct. SGG:110SV
Pudding Mob

Summon 1d4+1 behemoth puddings SMG:QN13
Ray of Ending

Fire a ray that erases a target from existence.
Summon Horror VIII
Summons horrific creature to fight for you. AG:PS
Infiltrator   As charm monster, but the target is also affected by share senses and telepathic bond. SGG:110SV
Cyclone Barrier   Create a wall of hurricane-force winds. SGG:AM
Glacier   Creates a truly massive glacier that can be used for many purposes. SGG:IM
Prismatic Blade   As flame blade, except each successful attack produces one effect from the prismatic ray table instead of the normal damage. SGG:110SV
Prismatic Ray   Fire a prismatic ray at a target BP:VR
Storm of Vitriol     TO:FF

As shadow necromancy, but up to 8th level and 80% real.
Analogue   As clone, but you can create a duplicate of yourself only and the clone acts as a simulacrum (as the spell) until used to resurrect you. SGG:110SV
Entropic Storm

Entropic energies rapidly decay creatures and objects in the area.
Siphoning Touch, Greater   Receive the effects of a 8th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Jotunblood Form   Turn into a powerful giant SMG:IOB
  Sorcerer Only. Temporarily gain the spell list from another class.
Typhoon   Create a supercyclone over a radius of several miles. SGG:AM

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