Cleric/Oracle/Warpriest Spells (3pp)

0-Level Cleric/Oracle/Warpriest Spells (Orisons) (3rd Party Publishers)

Note: An M or F in the spell lists denotes a spell with a material or focus component, respectively, that is not normally included in a spell component pouch.

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alleviate   Ends a sickened condition for a target. 4W:BoDM
Animate Tools   Tools automatically perform simple tasks. RP:101-0
Antagonize Wound   Touch deals 1 point of damage each round to an injured creature. RP:101-0
Anvil Sparks   Hot sparks deals 1d3 points of fire damage. 4W:BoDM
Askew Balance   Target creature falls prone. RP:101-0
Balance Weapon   Weapon becomes easier to use. RP:101-0
Ball of Air   Knocks a target off balance for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Ball of Smoke   Provides total concealment in a 5-ft. radius ball for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Blowing Dust   Target has a 50% miss chance on all attacks for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Canny Effort   Caster gains a +2 competence bonus on next skill check. RP:101-0
Capture Alive   Target’s non-magical melee attacks inflict only nonlethal damage. RP:101-0
Card Trick   Create a single playing card or tarot card. 4W:BoDM
Ceremonial Servant   You create a shadowy figure that can participate in ceremonies or rituals. RP:101-0
Cleanse of Alcohol   Subject is completely cured of alcohol effects. RP:101-0
Countervailing   Helps compensate for, but does not dispel or eliminate, the effects of a detrimental spell. RP:101-0
Crack   Inflicts damage to a single object, undead or construct creature. RP:101-0
Create Ice   Creates a 5' square sheet of ice on the ground, causing it to become difficult terrain. SGG:IM
Crystal Symbol   Launches crystal that inflicts 1d3 points of divine damage. RP:101-0
Dancing Shadows   As dancing lights, but it creates 1 to 4 motes of darkness, each reducing light by 1 step. SGG:110SV
Depilatory   Removes hair and prevents its regrowth for 24 hours. 4W:BoDM
Detect Charm   Determines whether a creature is under a charm effect. RP:101-0
Dim   Dims light sources within 100 feet of object touched. RP:101-0
Discern Health   Can read the target creature’s health from his aura. RP:101-0
Divine Mark   Etch a personal rune or mark upon any substance. 4W:BoDM
Divine Mark     TO:FF
Eyes of the Augur   Gain a +10 bonus to Spellcraft checks to identify a spell. RP:101-0
Glimmer of Hope   Increase chance of target stabilizing at negative hit points. RP:101-0
Heaven’s Teardrop   You cause a bit of light to coalesce into a teardrop and fall from the sky doing 2 points of damage to a single target. RP:101-0
Infuse Weapon   Touched weapon deals +1 damage of a chosen energy type. RP:101-0
Light My Fire   Starts a fire quickly. RP:101-0
Lightning Sand   Earth entangles foe. RP:101-0
Lightsight   Negate penalties caused by light. RP:101-0
Long Range Weapon   Thrown weapon or projectile gains 50% more range. RP:101-0
Low Blow   Target takes 1 point of bludgeoning damage, and becomes sickened for 1 round. RP:101-0
Magic Spike, Lesser   Bolt of energy inflicts a -1 circumstance penalty to spell, spell-like ability and supernatural DCs. RP:101-0
Mishap   You create a minor mishap. RP:101-0
Muscle Spasm   Target suffers from twitching muscles for 1 round and potentially drops held items. 4W:BoDM
Muscle Spasm     TO:FF
Putrefy Food and Drink   Spoils and poisons food and drink. RP:101-0
Ray of Decay     TO:FF
Ray of Light   Leaves a creature that is susceptible to sunlight shaken for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Ray of Light     TO:FF
Resistance to Fear   The subject gains a +2 morale bonus against fear effects for 1 minute. RP:101-0
Sea Spray   Salty mist blinds a target for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Settle Stomach   Ends a nauseated condition for a target. 4W:BoDM
Shelve   Returns a book to its shelf in the proper place. RP:101-0
Sickening Smell   You conjure a small cloud of pollen or incense that inflicts the sickened condition. RP:101-0
Sign of Discovery   Grant +2 insight bonus to your next knowledge, perception or sense motive check. RP:101-0
Simple Bed   Creates a comfortable place to sleep giving caster +1 hp to normal healing rate for bed rest. RP:101-0
Spook Animal   Target animal is panicked. RP:101-0
Stonesense   Gain stonecunning ability as a dwarf. RP:101-0
Summarize   Quickly summarize a text of up to 250 pages. RP:101-0
Thicken   You can alter the strength and thickness of small inanimate objects. RP:101-0
Touch of Fatigue   Target becomes fatigued. RP:101-0
Touch of Lethargy   Target is staggered for one round. RP:101-0
Touch of Torment   Touch attack inflicts –1 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks. RP:101-0
Virulence   Weakens the innate resistance of its target making him more susceptible to poison and disease effects. RP:101-0

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1st-Level Cleric/Oracle/Warpriest Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animate Skeleton   Animate and control one skeletal servant. RP:101-1
Astute Fighting   Recipient gains +2 bonus on attack rolls, may be able to make an extra melee attack. RP:101-1
Briefly Visible   Invisible creatures or objects within 10 feet become visible to caster for one round. RP:101-1
Calling the Flock Home   Send a beam of light into the sky as a signal for your allies. 4W:BoDM
Clarissa's Confusing Speech    Target has trouble understanding and being understood.  JBE: SS2
Clarity of the Faith   Gives the target a +5 bonus to Knowledge (religion) checks regarding your faith. RP:101-1
Clarity of Thought   Grants +4 insight bonus to Concentration checks. RP:101-1
Contingent Minor Healing   Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1 hit point. RP:101-1
Curse of Ineptitude   Target experiences clumsiness and bad luck (Swift). RP:101-1
Dead Man's Ink
  Transfer an enchanted tattoo from a corpse to a willing target.
Deceitful   Gain a +2 bonus to Bluff and Disguise checks. 4W:BoDM
Dispel Magic, Lesser   As dispel magic except maximum +5. RP:101-1
Divine Strike   Target gains a bonus to weapon damage for 1 round/level, and all weapons are considered magic for purpose of overcoming DR. 4W:BoDM
Draw on Faith   Gain a +1 bonus on one save, check, or attack roll. RP:101-1
Erase Tattoo
  Erase a mundane tattoo from a target
Even Odds   Target uses your BAB instead of their own for the duration of the spell. 4W:BoDM
Fight or Flight

Target gains temporary bonus to hit or to speed. 4W:S&T
Gloomlight   Grant creatures with darkvision the ability to perceive color in the area. RP:101-1
Guilt   One evil target is denied an action. RP:101-1
Halican’s Sail Mending F Restores 2d8+caster level hit points to a sail. JBE: BoM: SS1
Halican’s Sailor Knowledge   Grants a +5 bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Profession (Sailor) checks. JBE: BoM: SS1
Harden   Increases object’s hardness by 50%. RP:101-1
Healing Stones   Three stones each remove 1 point of temporary ability damage when placed on a target creature’s skin. 4W:BoDM
Hesitation   Target’s initiative count drops by your caster level (Swift). RP:101-1
Hex of the Bull's Eye   Target suffers a 20% hit chance. RP:101-1
Hex Weapon   You curse a single weapon so it cannot be wielded. RP:101-1
Hidden Illumination   Invisible field enhances low-light vision and darkvision. AG:PS
Inflict Pain   Causes 2d6+1/level nonlethal damage and a -1 penalty to attack rolls, ability and skill checks for 1 minute. RP:101-1
Inspired Initiative   Subjects gain +2 bonus on their next initiative check. RP:101-1
Judgmental Cure

Heals 1d8 hit points to good creatures; deals 1d8 damage to evil creatures. 4W:S&T
Land on Your Feet   Fall short distances with little or no damage. 4W:BoDM
Mistsight   You can see through mist, fog, and rain. RP:101-1
Poison Weapon   As magic weapon, but weapon becomes coated with poison. RP:101-1
Potent Weapon   Weapon gains bonuses against a specific foe. RP:101-1
Precipitate   Driving rain, sleet, or snow blocks sight and grants concealment, plus quenches fires, impedes movement. RP:101-1
Rite of Passage   Grants multiple targets +1 bonuses on any 3 saves, attacks, or skill or ability checks in their first month of adulthood. 4W:BoDM
Sacred Watch   Watches over the target, giving immediate knowledge when he is in danger. RP:101-1
Scourge   As burning hands but it deals untyped holy damage, and it affects creatures of opposing alignment only. SGG:110SV
Second Chance   Grants subject a second chance at a saving throw. RP:101-1
Serenity   Allies gain a +1 bonus to Will saves. 4W:BoDM
Silver Tongue   Gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks. 4W:BoDM
Spirit Guide   You gain a +1 divine bonus to skill checks for 1 hour. 4W:BoDM
Supernatural Ward   Subject gains +4 bonus on saves against supernatural abilities (Immediate). RP:101-1
Torchbearer   You conjure a creature that carries a torch, sunrod, lantern or daylight spell. RP:101-1
  Record a conversation on a scroll, book, or tablet
Valiant Resolve   Subject gains DR 10/non-lethal. RP:101-1
War Paint   Imbue face paint with power to leave viewers shaken for 1 round/level. 4W:BoDM
War Paint     TO:FF
Ward, Lesser   Inscription harms those who pass it. RP:101-1

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2nd-Level Cleric/Oracle/Warpriest Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Airblast   Make a ranged combat maneuver against one foe. SGG:AM
Angry Wound   Touch deals 1d6 damage each round. RP:101-2
Apocalypse   Oracle Only. As hideous laughter, but the target screams denials as dread fates in its future are revealed. SGG:110SV
Augment Poison   Changes a poison's DC, adds +1 to ability damage, and adds 1 round to its duration. RP:101-2
Bear's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Con. RP:101-2
Bleed No More   Target’s open wounds clot and stop bleeding, preventing further bleed damage. 4W:BoDM
Break Object   Inflicts damage and broken condition on a single object or damages a construct creature. RP:101-2
Brightmatter   Sticky phosphorescent mass sheds light where ifs attached. RP:101-2
Bull's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Str. RP:101-2
Cat's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Dex. RP:101-2
Chinook   Create a warm wind that raises the temperature and can dispel cold effects. SGG:AM
Code Skill   Gives a construct ranks in a single skill. RP:101-2
Contingent Light Healing   Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1d8 hit points. RP:101-2
Curse of Prevarication   Subject can't tell the truth. RP:101-2
Damage Loins   Target takes 1d6 damage/2 levels, moves at half speed, becomes sickened for 1d4 rounds. RP:101-2
Deadeye   As bomber’s eye, but it applies to ranged weapons that are not thrown. SGG:110SV
Destabilize Magic   The save DCs in a specified area are randomized. RP:101-2
Detect Curse   As detect magic, but it detects cursed items and creatures rather than magic. SGG:110SV
Detect Disease   Detect the presence of disease and further details about the disease. 4W:BoDM
Divine Beacon   An individual or group knows the direction and range of the caster and his condition. RP:101-1
Eagle's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Cha. RP:101-2
Energy Loop   Create a hoop that gives energy resistance to creatures that pass through it
Envenomed Skin   The caster's skin becomes mottled with poison-filled pustules that can burst in a 5-ft. radius. RP:101-2
Examine Coffin   Allows the caster to probe the contents of a sealed coffin. RP:101-2
Flame of the Forge   Jet of flame bursts forth from your weapon, dealing 1d6 fire damage/level (maximum 10d6). 4W:BoDM
Flexarmor   You reduce the armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance for a single set of armor or a shield. RP:101-2
Foehn   Cone-shaped area filled with wind that sickens those within. SGG:AM
Fool's Luck   Touched creature is briefly luckier against traps, hazards, poisons and diseases. RP:101-2
Fox's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Int. RP:101-2
Frigid Slowness   Causes 1d4/level points of cold damage (max 10d4) and the target is slowed. RP:101-2
Future's Boon   Cleric Only. On a d20 roll, a cleric with the luck domain rolls two dice and takes the better result. RP:101-2
Hex of Chaos   Target suffers a random curse every round. RP:101-2
Ineffable Enigma   Oracle Only. As lesser confusion, but lasts as long as you concentrate. SGG:110SV
Khazri   Create a cold wind that lowers the temperature and can dispel fire effects. SGG:AM
Mantle of Love F Grants a +4 bonus on saving throws to one living creature. 4W:BoDM
Mantle of Love     TO:FF
Melodious Joy   Inspiring music begins to play, mimicking a bard’s Inspire Courage ability. 4W:BoDM
Murderous Haruspicy

Use the entrails of a murder victim to get a bonus on a Knowledge check.
Nightsnare   You cause a very deep, very short sleep to fall upon a target. RP:101-2
Oathbind   Willing participants immediately gain awareness that another party has violated the terms of a written contract. RP:101-2
Owl's Curse   Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Wis. RP:101-2
Phantom Caretaker
Summoned doctor tends to creatures in your stead.
Pleasant Dreams   Protects a creature from influenced dreams. 4W:BoDM
Program Feat   Gives one construct the benefits of a single feat. RP:101-2
Prophecy   Oracle Only. As bless, but with expanded range and duration. SGG:110SV
Resist Temptation     4W:BoDM
Retribution   Target takes an equal amount of damage as he deals on his next attack. 4W:BoDM
Sea Legs   Target gains +5 bonus to Dexterity-based checks while at sea, and cannot become nauseated or sickened. 4W:BoDM
Shooting Star   You cause a fiery hot stone to fall from the sky doing 2d6 per level damage to a single target. RP:101-2
Shunt   Place target into the Ethereal Plane for 1 round. RP:101-2
Song of Rapture   All followers of your deity within 20 ft. of you receive a +2 bonus to attacks, saves, skill and ability checks for 1 round/level. 4W:BoDM
Symbol of Darkness
Triggered rune creates darkness, causes fatigue.
Thief Ward   Sleight of Hand and Stealth checks are made at a -10 penalty. RP:101-2
Trade Wind   Summon favorable winds to increase a ship’s speed or a creature’s flight. SGG:AM
Voice of the Gods   Your voice makes allies immune to fear, but potentially frightens your foes. 4W:BoDM
Web Shelter   You create a small but relatively secure shelter out of sticky webs. RP:101-2
Weltering Wave   In a 20-foot-radius spread you cause chaotic energies to shake and disorient targets. RP:101-2
Wind Tunnel   Use curtains of air to aid your allies’ movement, and hinder your foes’. SGG:AM

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3rd-Level Cleric/Oracle/Warpriest Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Abyssal Body   Touched creature gains DR 5/good. JBE: BoM: SS1
Anarchic Body   Touched creature gains DR 5/lawful. JBE: BoM: SS1
Axiomatic Body   Touched creature gains DR 5/chaotic.  JBE: BoM: SS1
Celestial Body    Touched creature gains DR 5/evil. JBE: BoM: SS1
Analyze Ancestry M Learn a creature’s genealogy back ten generations. 4W:BoDM
Animate Construct   As animate dead, except it creates animated objects of the same CR as the undead you could create with animate dead . SGG:110SV
Armor of Light   Creates a shimmering armor that grants a +1 deflection bonus, dazzles attackers, and causes attacks to miss 20% of the time. RP:101-3
Aura of Peace   Creatures near caster have combat penalties. RP:101-3
Beast’s Curse   Target is incessantly hounded by animals. RP:101-3
Beneficent Breeze   Target’s movement is aided by friendly winds. SGG:AM
Bridge of Crystal   Create a crystal bridge that extends over a large gap. RP:101-3
Change Fate   You shape randomness by choosing between two die rolls for some single event. RP:101-3
Chilling Mist   Icy vapor grants concealment, deals 1d6/round nonlethal damage. RP:101-3
Contingent Moderate Healing   Target that takes 8 or more damage instantly heals 2d8 hit points. RP:101-3
Crown of Terror   Enemies within 10 feet become shaken or frightened when you attack. RP:101-3
Crown of Valor   You and allies within 10 feet gain +1 on attacks and checks, +2 on saves against fear. RP:101-3
Curse of Capturing   Target inflicts only nonlethal damage and conditions. RP:101-3
Curse of Chaos   Target suffers random changes each day to appearance, abilities, etc. RP:101-3
Curse of Item Rebellion   A single item acts as if cursed. RP:101-3
Curse of Truth   Target is incapable of speaking falsehoods. RP:101-3
Deepsight   Extend darkvision by 60 ft. RP:101-3
Demon Flesh, Lesser   The subject gains damage reduction 5/cold iron and good. RP:101-3
Disarming Storm

Disarms targets in an area. 4W:S&T
Divine Grant   As divine favor, but the bonus applies to caster level checks and concentration checks rather than the normal benefit. SGG:110SV
Eidetic Memory   Recall all you have read with near-perfect clarity; can Take 20 on Knowledge skill checks for the spell’s duration. 4W:BoDM
Euphoria   Subject feels good despite danger or pain. RP:101-3
Exigent Shield   As shield other but works only on damage that would kill or knock unconscious a target. SGG:110SV
Flaming Bolt

Imbue ammunition with a to deal fire damage
Giant Boulder   Magical stones are hurled and strike targets as boulders. RP:101-2
Glass House   You create a protective cube of magical glass. RP:101-3
Glossolalia   Target’s speech becomes random and inappropriate. RP:101-3
Halfling's Bravery   Target gains a +5 bonus to saves vs. fear. 4W:BoDM
Healing Sphere   From a distance, heal a creature of 2d8 points +1/level (maximum +10). 4W:BoDM
Healing Stones, Greater   Three stones each remove 2 points total of 1 or 2 types of temporary ability damage when placed on a target creature’s skin. 4W:BoDM
Intercession   Redirect an attack or effect upon yourself to protect its intended target. RP:101-3
Lifebond   Target can permanently monitor his true love as if by a status spell. 4W:BoDM
Lost   Subject moves at half speed in a random direction each round. RP:101-3
Magic Spike   Bolt of energy inflicts a -2 penalty to spell, spell-like ability and supernatural DCs. RP:101-3
Mute   Subject cannot produce sounds from its mouth. RP:101-2
Necrotic Claws     TO:FF
Ocean God's Blessing   Grants a +10 bonus to Swim checks and doubles the length of time a target can hold his breath for 10 min./level. 4W:BoDM
Premonition   You keep your Dexterity bonus to AC while flatfooted, cannot be surprised and do not provoke attacks of opportunity; gain +2 bonus to Reflex saves and Dexterity checks. 4W:BoDM
Reveal Curse   Learn what curses are in place on a creature or object, and what needs to be done to remove the curses. 4W:BoDM
Revitalize   As greater restoration, but it also fixes staggered, and its effects last only for the spell’s duration. SGG:110SV
Safe Burial   Protects one dead body from rising as undead, being looted or destroyed for up to 12 weeks. 4W:BoDM
Secret Speech   You and creatures you select conceal hidden messages in your normal speech. RP:101-3
Serenity, Greater   Allies gain a +3 bonus to Will saves, +5 to Diplomacy checks, and are harder to Intimidate. 4W:BoDM
Shadow Healing   Illusion of cure moderate wounds grants 2d8 temp hp plus 1 temp hp/level (max +10); target has attitude improved by one-step, takes –2 a penalty on saves against your enchantment spells. RP:101-3
Siphoning Touch, Lesser

Receive the effects of a 2nd level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Spirit Guide, Greater   You gain a +5 divine bonus to skill checks for 1 hour. 4W:BoDM
Surge   Target creature gains +20 to initiative. RP:101-3
Sword of the Elf Mother   Conjures a +1 silver longsword that deals double damage vs. undead. 4W:BoDM
Telepathic Overload   Chaotic thoughts disrupt telepathy and harm mind-readers. RP:101-3
Torn Muscle   One living creature is flat-footed, cannot run, and suffers a -4 penalty to attacks, skills and ability checks. RP:101-2
Troll Arms   Creature gains increased Strength and reach. RP:101-3
True Aspect   As true form, but it applies to illusions concealing appearance, including invisibility, rather than the normal benefit. SGG:110SV
Weapons Storm   You create force duplicates of your weapon that hit what you hit. RP:101-3

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4th-Level Cleric/Oracle/Warpriest Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animal Mind   Subject believes it’s a specific kind of animal. RP:101-3
Animate Body Part
  Bring severed limb to life. 4W:S&T
Beauty of Youth M You appear younger than you actually are. 4W:BoDM
Bestow Affliction

Bestow a magical affliction on your target
Bleeding Wound   All the target’s wounds from piercing or slashing weapons bleed 1 hp/round until target is healed or dies. 4W:BoDM
Call Totem Animal   Summon a totem animal to complete a task for you. 4W:BoDM
Control Light
Alter light levels within 60 ft.
Crusader’s Blessing   As blessing of courage and life, but it grants a +2 morale bonus to AC and attack rolls and the burst of healing energy heals 3d8 + caster level . SGG:110SV
Dogs of War   Summon 1d4+1 hell hounds to serve you for 24 hours. 4W:BoDM
Earth Storm   Deal 1d8/level to a target by striking the ground with your melee weapon. 4W:BoDM
Fire Path   Create a pathway of living flame for you and your companions to use as a bridge. 4W:BoDM
Ghost Touch   Affected objects can interact with incorporeal creatures. 4W:BoDM
Golden Shield   Dome that undead creatures cannot enter forms around you. 4W:BoDM
Impotency     TO:FF
Infuse Holy (or Unholy) Symbol   Channel energy attempts are maximized and divine spells are cast at one caster level higher. 4W:BoDM
Phantom Ambush   Target believes himself surrounded by enemies that no one else can see. 4W:BoDM
Red Rain   Heavy, blood red rain deals 4d6 damage and potentially spreads a disease. 4W:BoDM
Regenerate, Lesser

Reconnects severed limbs. 4W:S&T
Retribution, Greater   Target takes twice the damage he deals on his next attack. 4W:BoDM
Saving Grace   If the target drops below 0 hp, he gains temporary hp equal to half his normal amount. 4W:BoDM
Sensory Deprivation

Creature has its extraordinary senses negated.
Shared Stomach     PFU:W4
Symbol of Blinding
Triggered rune permanently blinds creatures.
Temporary Enchantment I   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
Twinning     PFU:W4

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5th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells/Warpriest (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Arrow of Vengeance   Obtain vengeance with a (un)holy arrow attack BP:VR
Cause Fear, Mass   Frightens multiple creatures of 7 HD or less. 4W:BoDM
Circle of Doom

Deal 1d8+1/level negative energy damage in a 20 ft radius burst
Clarissa's Divine Dome   Undead that pass through the dome sustain 1d8 damage/caster level. JBE: BoM: SS2
Control Winds, Lesser   Make minor changes to wind direction and speed. SGG:AM
Curse of the Lightless
Target no longer casts a shadow, becomes vulnerable to light like a vampire.
Divine Strike, Mass   As divine strike, but affects multiple creatures. 4W:BoDM
Falcon Flag

Animate a flag to guide creatures untiringly to a destination.
Fast Healing

Grants target fast healing 2. 4W:S&T
Faux Find   As nondetection, but failed divinations also create random false detection of target elsewhere within the divination spell’s range. SGG:110SV
Giant Strike   As strong jaw, but it affects unarmed and weapon attacks. SGG:110SV
Grave Influence   As mass suggestion, but effects undead. SGG:110SV
Magic Status   As status, but also know names and caster levels of any spells cast on your allies. 4W:BoDM
Music of the Spheres   Allies get an extra 5-ft. step every time another ally moves at least 5 ft. 4W:BoDM
Opportunity   Choose the best of out three rolls for every attack, save, skill or ability check made. 4W:BoDM
Order of Battle   Keep track of your allies in battle with you. 4W:BoDM
Sanctuary, Mass   Multiple targets can’t attack or be attacked 4W:BoDM
Spiritual Warrior   As spiritual weapon, except damage is 2d6 +1/level, and the weapon threatens adjacent spaces. SGG:110SV
Succor   Prevents negative levels, energy drain, and ability damage and drain. 4W:BoDM
Temporary Enchantment II   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
  Launches a foe 10 ft. per caster level straight up. 4W:S&T
Void Field

Pitch-black field negates all sensory input.
Warmonger   All creatures within 20 ft. of you fall into a barbaric rage for 1 round/level. 4W:BoDM

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6th-Level Cleric/Oracle/Warpriest Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Body to Body   As shield other, but affects multiple targets and spells you cast on yourself can also affect your targets. 4W:BoDM
Child of Ill Fortune   Target suffers -2 penalty to attack, damage, skill and ability checks; spells cast by target have their DC reduced by 5. 4W:BoDM

Shadowy wings can be used to attack or create burst of negative energy.
Fires of Renewal   Deals 1d6 points fire damage per level to plants and plant creatures in a 50-ft. radius. 4W:BoDM
Golden Shield, Greater   As golden shield, but also prevents constructs from entry and is mobile. 4W:BoDM
Hammer and Anvil   A hammer of force deals 1d4/level (max 10d4) to up to 3 targets and an additional 2d8 as the hammer slams them against a force anvil. 4W:BoDM
Maul of Anarchy   As spiritual weapon, except targets hit are affected as by the chaos hammer spell rather than the normal damage. SGG:110SV
Poisoned Blood   Your blood becomes poisonous to others. 4W:BoDM
Sea Legs, Mass   As sea legs, but benefits multiple targets. 4W:BoDM
Siphoning Touch

Receive the effects of a 5th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Temporary Enchantment III   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS

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7th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Banish Light

Creates total darkness within 30 ft., negates light and fire magic.
Banish Shadows

Creates brilliant light within 30 ft., negates darkness and shadow magic.
Entropic Sphere   Sphere of force grows as it travels; deals 1d8 points damage per ft. diameter. 4W:BoDM
Halfling's Bravery, Mass   Multiple targets gain a +5 bonus to saves vs. fear. 4W:BoDM
Night Terrors   Target suffers horrifying nightmares and loses Wisdom if he cannot wake up. 4W:BoDM
Portal   As transport via plants, except travel is from doorway to doorway rather than plant to plant . SGG:110SV
Sensory Deprivation, Greater

As sensory deprivation, but also negates magical and supernatural senses.
Slow Death   Target suffers Constitution drain at 1 point/hour due to internal damage. 4W:BoDM
Temporary Enchantment IV   Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS

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8th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Bleeding Wound, Mass   Cause multiple targets’ wounds from piercing or slashing weapons to bleed 1 hp/round until targets are healed or die. 4W:BoDM
Deny   As greater dispel magic, but it can be used to counterspell instantaneous spells in addition to normal options. SGG:110SV
Doombringer's Wrath   Concussive wave of evil energy deals 1d6 points damage/level to creatures and objects; can knock Large creatures and smaller prone. 4W:BoDM
Dreamwalker   Enter, witness, and influence the dreams of another creature. 4W:BoDM
Edict   As dictum, but with different effects. SGG:110SV
Peace Aura   Wards an area against violence; anyone attacking someone within warded area takes 1d6 points force damage/level. 4W:BoDM
Pestilence   As summon swarm but any creature damaged by the swarm is targeted by a contagion spell cast at your caster level . SGG:110SV

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9th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells (3rd Party Publishers)

Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alter Reality M As limited wish, but it creates effects that could exist without magic only. SGG:110SV
Bound Prophecy   Make a prophecy about a creature and his descendants, which will drive them as if affected by a permanent geas/quest. 4W:BoDM
Curse of the Ancient Mariner

Curse a captain and his ships to doom no matter where he goes
Cyclone Barrier   Create a wall of hurricane-force winds. SGG:AM
Entropic Storm

Entropic energies rapidly decay creatures and objects in the area.
Excommunication   Remove a follower from your faith, cutting their access to divine spells and powers. 4W:BoDM
Siphoning Touch

Receive the effects of a 8th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Symbol of Lust   As symbol of death, but targets act as if under an elixir of love for 10 minutes/level. SGG:110SV

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