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Pox of Rumors

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School enchantment (compulsion) [curse, mind-affecting]; Level bard 5, cleric 7, mesmerist 5, psychic 7, sorcerer/wizard 7, spiritualist 5, witch 7


Casting Time 8 hours
Components V, S, M (a physical connection to the target; see text)


Range see text
Target one creature
Duration 1 day/level
Saving Throw Will negates, then Will partial (see text); Spell Resistance yes


You curse the target to attract negative assumptions and rumors of a sort you specify when you cast the spell. If the target fails the initial save to negate the curse, every day that it spends in a settlement, it must attempt a Will save. If it fails, it accidentally says or does something that makes others assume the rumor you specified is true in some way that is unflattering or incriminating. If the creature is not aware of the nature of the rumors, it takes a –4 penalty on these secondary saves.

After the first failed save, the attitude each resident in the settlement has regarding the target is worsened by one step.

For each additional failure, the target becomes the victim of focused harassment. A group of residents taunts or attacks the creature, potentially sending the authorities to investigate if the rumor indicates criminal guilt.

The spell can be cast at any distance. The difficulty of the save depends on your knowledge of the subject and what sort of physical connection you have to that creature. The target gains the same bonuses and penalties on its Will save to resist this spell as the bonuses and penalties that apply to the scrying spell (including a +5 bonus if the target is on another plane), except that you can't cast pox of rumors without at least a possession or garment to use as the material component, and the target takes no penalty when you use a possession or garment and only a –5 penalty when you use a piece of the target's body. Pox of rumors is a curse, and until its duration expires, it can be removed only by remove curse or similar magic.