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Talisman, Sanguine

Source Book of the Damned Volume I: Princes of Darkness

Aura strong conjuration; CL 8th
Slot neck; Price 67,500 gp; Weight


This blood-red devils talisman binds a barbazu. Wearing the talisman grants you a +3 profane bonus to your Armor Class and grants you a telepathic bond with the devils bound within. Once per day, you can make an opposed Charisma check against the barbazu’s +0 modifier to summon him forth for 8 rounds, as per the spell summon monster.

The barbazu bound within this sanguine talisman is known as Kalvaddas the Strangler. He is a blunt sadist with a love of hand-to-hand brawls and strangling elves. He knows much of liars and might use his Sense Motive skill to aid a master he favors.


Craft Wondrous Item; planar binding, ability to conjure and bind a barbazu; Cost 33,750 gp