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Stone, Canopic

Aura moderate necromancy; CL 12th
Slot none; Price 28,800 gp; Weight


A canopic stone is a talisman that typically takes the form of a ceramic totem or amulet bound in silver.  The stone permanently binds a spectral vilkacis to the Material Plane. So long as the stone exists, the creature remains stuck between life and death, its spirit strangling on its own rage.

The bearer of a canopic stone can summon a vilkacis once per day. The stone grants no control over the vilkacis, but the creature will not attack or attempt to possess the stone’s bearer. Upon being summoned, the vilkacis turns its attention to the nearest creature other than the summoner, attempting to possess the creature’s body and go on a murderous rampage. Using a canopic stone to summon a vilkacis is considered an evil act.

Although many vilkacis are purposefully created and employed by evil spellcasters, some manifest spontaneously. These beings wander and rampage as they please, but still are bound to a talisman similar to a canopic stone. This spontaneously created artifact can be utilized by those who discover it and discern its importance in the same way as can a canopic stone created specifically to summon and control a vilkacis, and typically takes the form of the dead werewolf's skull, the silver weapon that killed the werewolf, or a talisman it bore in life.


Craft Wondrous Item, create undead, rage; Cost 14,400 gp.