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Solidsmoke Pipeweed

Aura moderate conjuration; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 1,000 gp; Weight


When smoked in any pipe, this pinch of magical tobacco produces a languid, milky-white smoke that the smoker can transform into useful objects. A halfling who puffs on the pipe as a full-round action can shape the smoke into an object weighing no more than 5 pounds and having a maximum volume of 1 cubic foot. The halfling can, on following rounds, spend additional full-round actions to increase the object's weight by 2 additional pounds and its volume by another cubic foot. The halfling must succeed at an appropriate Craft check to make a complex item. If the halfling stops puffing on her pipe for any reason before she finishes creating the object, the figure in the smoke collapses and her pipe is extinguished. Objects created by solidsmoke pipeweed last for 24 hours before fading away into vapor. Objects created by the pipeweed have the same hardness, hit points, and other qualities as manufactured objects of their type, but look smoky and indistinct. Each pinch of solidsmoke pipeweed is sufficient for 3 full rounds of smoking. A single larger item must be created with a single pinch of solidsmoke pipeweed, so any item created with this pipeweed can't be larger than 9 pounds and 3 cubic feet. A halfling cannot create an object designed to exactly duplicate or replace another specific object. For instance, while she could create a smoky lock with its own key, she could not puff smoke into an existing keyhole and then create a key that would open that particular lock.

This smoke is caustic and chokes non-halflings. It grants non-halflings no benefits, and each time they spend a standard action to smoke the pipeweed, they are sickenedfor 1 round.


Craft Wondrous Item, minor creation, creator must be a halfling; Cost 500 gp