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Scarab of Protection

Aura strong abjuration and necromancy; CL 18th
Slot neck; Price 38,000 gp; Weight


This device appears to be a jade medallion in the shape of a beetle. If it is held for 1 round, an inscription appears on its surface letting the holder know that it is a protective device.

The scarab's possessor gains spell resistance 20. The scarab can also absorb energy-draining attacks, death effects, and negative energy effects. Upon absorbing 12 such attacks, the scarab turns to powder and is destroyed.


Craft Wondrous Item, death ward, spell resistance; Cost 19,000 gp

Editor’s Note

While the more recent entry for the Scarab of Protection in Ultimate Equipment details a scarab made from jade, the Pathfinder Core Rulebook described a version which was made of silver.