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Paint, Tribal War Paint

Aura moderate (school varies); CL 7th
Slot special; Price 1,800 gp (black and white paints) or 900 gp (all other paints); Weight


There are numerous variations of magical war paint, each providing a specific benefit to aid their hunters, warriors, and heroes in a variety of tasks.

Tribal war paint can be applied to any visible part of the body — typically the face, shoulders, legs, or arms. Applying a dose of war paint is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Tribal war paint does not take up a magic item slot, but you can only benefit from one color of war paint at a time—applying a dose of a different color replaces the effects of the previous application. Once applied, the effects granted by the war paint last for 24 hours.

The eight most common colors and their effects are listed here.


Craft Wondrous Item; blur (black), expeditious retreat (blue), heroism (green), stoneskin (orange), resist energy (red), shield of faith (silver), death ward (white), clairaudience/clairvoyance (yellow); Cost 900 gp (black and white paints); 450 gp (all other paints)