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Noble's Vigilant Pillbox

Aura faint divination; CL 5th; Weight
Slot none; Price 3,600 gp


This heart-shaped charm is set with three pearls: one white, one silver, and one black. Inside, a tiny compartment usually contains smelling salts or alchemist's kindness. Each pearl has a primary, passive ability and a secondary, active ability that activates if it is removed from the setting and swallowed (a standard action, as if drinking a potion). Swallowing a pearl destroys it. A command word activates the primary abilities of all three pearls for 1 round.

When activated, the white pearl detects poison in a 10-foot radius around the wearer, dulling to a dark gray if poison is within range. If swallowed, it grants the benefit of a delay poison spell.

The silver pearl detects diseases in a 10-foot radius, turning bright blue on discovery. If swallowed, it grants the benefit of a remove disease spell.

The black pearl turns white if any invisible creature is within 10 feet of the wearer. If swallowed, it grants the benefits of see invisibility for 1 minute.

A pillbox found with missing pearls has its price reduced appropriately; a white pearl is worth 750 gp, a silver pearl is worth 1,150 gp, and a black pearl is worth 1,700 gp.


Craft Wondrous Item, delay poison, detect poison, remove disease, see invisibility; Cost 1,800 gp