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Helm of the Mammoth Lord

Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot head; Price 8,500 gp; Weight 3 lbs.


This hide helm is set with plates of ivory carved with primitive runes, with a pair of tusks curving down on either side of the wearer’s face for cheek guards. The tusks of the helm provide a gore attack dealing 1d6 points of damage for a Medium wearers (or 1d4 points of damage for Small wearers) and counts as a magic weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

The helm of the mammoth lord also protects the wearer from cold environments as the endure elements spell. Furthermore, it provides a +5 competence bonus to Handle Animal, Ride, and wild empathy checks with elephants, mammoths, mastodons, and other similar elephant-like creatures.

On command, the wearer may use detect animals or plants, but can only detect elephant-like creatures. On command, the wearer may use speak with animals, but only to communicate with elephant-like creatures.


Craft Wondrous Item, beast shape I, charm animal, detect animals or plants, speak with animals, creator must have 5 ranks in Handle Animal and Ride; Cost 4,250 gp.