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Formula Alembic

Aura faint divination; CL 3rd; Weight 2 lbs.
Slot none; Price 200 gp


This magically-augmented alchemical device distills a potion or alchemist extract into the knowledge needed to create its formula. By gently heating a potion or extract in the alembic for 1 hour, the device creates a few drops of magical liquid. If consumed by an alchemist, this liquid gives him knowledge of the potion's or extract's formula, as if it were an extract he recorded in his formula book. This knowledge lasts for 24 hours. He may scribe this formula in his formula book in the normal fashion.

Using the alembic does not harm the potion, but the process makes it nearly boiling hot (it cools normally). The alembic can only distill the knowledge of formulas on the alchemist extract list (for example, it cannot turn a potion of a cleric-only spell into something an alchemist can learn).


Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, identify, creator must be an alchemist; Cost 100 gp