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Floating Sail

Price varies (see below); Slot none; CL 5th; Weight varies; Aura faint transmutation


This silk cloth is folded into a neat triangle and tied with a gold ribbon.

If the command word is spoken, a floating sail unfurls up to its full size in an area chosen by the speaker and becomes a rigid sheet of cloth capable of supporting a large amount of weight. When the command word is uttered a second time, the floating sail folds up into a triangle in a space chosen by the speaker (this space must be one that the floating sail was touching while unfurled).

If the floating sail is bearing any weight when commanded to fold up, it collapses and takes the form of a normal silk sail; depending on whether the sail was placed on water, over a gap, or in a similarly perilous location, any creatures standing on it may become entangled in the sail, fall to their doom, or worse (at the GM's discretion, those who succeed at a Reflex save may avoid disaster). Similarly, a floating sail immediately collapses if its weight capacity is exceeded. A collapsed floating sail must be picked up and refolded by hand before it can be activated again.

Size Weight (lbs.)
Capacity (lbs.)
Price (gp)
10-ft.-by-15-ft. 20 800 5,000
15-ft.-by-30-ft. 25 1,000 15,000
15-ft.-by-40-ft. 40 1,250 20,000
20-ft.-by-50-ft. 50 2,000 32,000


Cost varies (see table)

Size Cost (gp)
10-ft.-by-15-ft. 2,500
15-ft.-by-30-ft. 7,500
15-ft.-by-40-ft. 10,000
20-ft.-by-50-ft. 16,000

Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells water walk