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Ivory Goats Figurines of Wondrous Power

Price 21,000 gp


These figurines come in threes. Each goat of this trio looks slightly different from the others, and each has a different function:

  • The Goat of Traveling: this statuette provides a speedy and enduring mount equal to that of a heavy horse in every way except appearance. The goat can travel for a maximum of 1 day each week—continuously or in any combination of periods totaling 24 hours. At this point, or when the command word is uttered, it returns to its statuette form for no less than 1 day before it can again be used.
  • The Goat of Travail: This statuette becomes an enormous creature, larger than a bull, with the statistics of a nightmare except for the addition of a pair of wicked horns of exceptional size (damage 1d8+4 for each horn). If it is charging to attack, it may only use its horns (but add 6 points of damage to each successful attack in that round). It can be called to life just once per month for up to 12 hours at a time.
  • The Goat of Terror: When called upon with the proper command word, this statuette becomes a destrier-like mount with the statistics of a light horse. However, its rider can employ the goat's horns as weapons (one horn as a +3 heavy lance, the other as a +5 longsword). When ridden in an attack against an opponent, the goat of terror radiates fear as the spell in a 30-foot radius (Will DC 16 partial). It can be used once every 2 weeks for up to 3 hours per use.

Construction Requirements

Cost 10,500 gp