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Elixir, Chon Chon

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 2,750 gp; Weight


When a humanoid imbibes this foul-tasting green fluid, its ears grow to 10 times their size, and its head separates from its body. This effect is similar to beast shape II, shifting the drinker's consciousness into a Tiny form cosmetically similar to that of a chon chon, with the same powers of flight, constant detect magic sight, and +4 racial bonus on Perception checks made to listen, but lacking the creature's acid spit or jabber abilities. The duration of this transformation proves highly unpredictable, though. The GM should roll on the following chart to determine how long the effect lasts.

d% Duration of Transformation
1 1 minute
2-25 1d10 minutes
26-50 6d10 minutes
51-75 1 hour
76-80 1d10 hours
81-85 6d10 hours
86-90 1 day
91-95 1d6 days
96-99 1 week
100 Permanent

The transformation can be ended prematurely by remove cursedispel magic has no effect. However, when the effect ends, the drinker's head immediately returns to normal. If the head is not within 5 feet of its body when the elixir's duration expires, the creature is slain immediately. The drinker knows when the elixir's effects will end 1 minute before they do so (no earlier). If the drinker's body is harmed or destroyed while its head is elsewhere, it takes that damage as soon as it reunites with its body, or is slain if its body has been destroyed. Until the elixir's duration ends, the drinker can only reattach its head to its body through the use of remove curse. The drinker's body is considered helpless while the head is unattached.


Craft Wondrous Item, detect magic, polymorph; Cost 1,375 gp