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Elixir of Dragon Breath

Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th; Weight
Slot none; Price 1,400 gp


This gurgling, luminescent elixir comes in several different varieties, each keyed to a particular type of metallic or chromatic dragon. A creature that drinks the elixir can, as a standard action, breathe out a single blast of energy similar to a dragon's breath weapon, dealing 7d6 points of energy damage. Creatures in the area may attempt a DC 16 Reflex save for half damage. The magic of the elixir ends after one use of the breath weapon or after 1 hour has passed, whichever comes first. The type of energy produced and the shape of the blast are determined by the elixir's associated dragon type:

Type of Dragon Effect
 Black or copper dragon  30-foot line of acid
 Blue or bronze dragon  30-foot line of electricity
 Brass dragon  30-foot line of fire
 Green dragon  15-foot cone of acid
 Gold or red dragon  15-foot cone of fire
 Silver or white dragon  15-foot cone of cold


Craft Wondrous Item, dragon's breath; Cost 700 gp