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Eye, All-Seeing

Cyclopes possess the uncanny ability to temporarily gaze into the future. Most cyclopes only receive occasional flashes of this insight. Some, however, fall into deep trances, receiving detailed visions of events that have not yet occurred. Some scholars claim that during such trances, cyclopes are possessed by the eldritch spirits of their ancient empires, perhaps even by the long-dead gods of those primeval kingdoms. Such heavy trances tend to be violent, with the cyclops convulsing spastically, her body given over to involuntary seizures, blood seeping from the ducts of her enlarged, bloodshot eyeball as it rolls into the back of her head. Thankfully for other races, cyclops oracles capable of invoking such potent visions are relatively rare. The ravings of an entranced cyclops are typically composed almost entirely of unintelligible gibberish, though words from a long-forgotten dialect of the Cyclops language can occasionally be discerned by the attentive.

Throughout the ages, numerous peoples and cultures have viewed a cyclops's singular, enlarged eye as a gateway to visions of mysterious and ancient forces. All manner of popular folklore and myths claim that whoever possesses a cyclops's eye can tap into the mystical powers of the one-eyed giants. The following new magic item can either be crafted by talented spellcasters or might be taken from the heads of particularly gifted cyclops oracles.

Aura moderate divination; CL 9th
Slot —; Price 5,500 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


This hardened, over-sized eyeball is nearly a foot in diameter. The possessor gains a +1 insight bonus on the saving throw DCs of any spells of the divination school he casts, as well as a +1 insight bonus on dispel checks made against divination effects. In addition, once per week, the possessor of an all-seeing eye can cast commune as a spell-like ability without the need for a material component. Using an all-seeing eye in this way effectively uses up its magic for a week, and the possessor does not benefit from the insight bonuses it grants until a week after commune was cast.


Craft Wondrous Item, commune, guidance; Cost 2,250 gp