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Crusader's Scabbard

Crusader's Scabbard Price 8,500 gp
Slot belt CL 7th
Weight 3 lbs. Aura Moderate Transmutation
Alignment Lawful Good Senses 60 ft.
Intelligence 10 Wisdom 12
Charisma 14 Ego 6
Communication Speech (Common)

Three times per day, this scabbard can cast bless weapon on any weapon sheathed within, but does so reluctantly on any weapon other than a longsword.

While the user is in combat, the scabbard hurls threats of righteous retribution in a loud, clear voice as it attempts to demoralize opponents (Intimidate bonus of +7).

The consciousness within the crusader's scabbard is valorous and stridently condemns displays of cowardice or dishonesty.

Cost 4,250 gp
Feats Craft Wondrous Item
Spells bless weapon, greater magic weapon