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Cloak, Moss

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Price 18,700 gp; Slot shoulders; CL 7th; Weight 5 lbs.; Aura moderate conjuration


A layer of green moss growing on a thin, damp sheet of sod, this heavy cloak can be wrapped around the wearer to provide a measure of camouflage.

When donned in forest or jungle terrain, a moss cloak gives the wearer a +10 competence bonus on Stealth checks. In any terrain, the wearer can remove a single poison currently affecting him once per day as a standard action. This causes the moss to turn a sickly shade of brown as it draws the toxins from the wearer's body, negating the Stealth bonus until the cloak heals itself 24 hours later.


Cost 9,350 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells invisibility, neutralize poison, restoration