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Circlet, Ruby

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Source Osirion: Land of Pharaohs

Aura moderate conjuration and transmutation; CL 11th
Slot hand; Price 94,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


This golden circlet is set with rubies and is small enough to fit under the standard head regalia of a reigning pharaoh. It functions as a +6 headband of Wisdom and a circlet of persuasion.

If you are the rightful ruler of Osirion, you can use the Ruby Circlet to telepathically communicate with Janhelia, agent of the elemental lords of the desert; this ability functions as long as you and she are on the same plane.


Craft Wondrous Item, eagle's splendor, owl's wisdom, planar ally, telepathic bond; Cost 47,000 gp