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Censer of Conjuring Air Elementals

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Aura moderate conjuration; CL 13th; Weight 1 lb.
Slot none; Price 90,000 gp


This 6-inch-wide, perforated metallic vessel resembles a thurible found in a place of worship. The censer must be filled with incense to function. On command as a full-round action, the bearer may summon an air elemental.

If the censer is filled with incense of meditation, it conjures a greater air elemental as if using summon monster VII. If filled with any other incense, it conjures a Large air elemental as if using summon monster V. Conjuring an elemental consumes any normal incense in the censer, or one-fourth of a block of incense of meditation. The censer cannot summon another elemental until the previous one is dismissed, killed, or the duration of its summoning expires.


Craft Wondrous Item, summon monster V, summon monster VII; Cost 45,000 gp