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Bridle of Tricks

Aura faint divination; Slot head; CL 5th; Price 900 gp (3 tricks) 1,600 gp (4 tricks) 2,500 gp (5 tricks); Weight 2 lbs.


Appearing to be a finely crafted bridle of polished steel and blue-dyed leather, a bridle of tricks can be placed on any animal or magical beast with an appropriate shape to wear a bridle (creatures with unusual anatomies may be affected with GM discretion). While wearing the bridle, a creature is treated as knowing three, four, or five additional tricks, as if it had been taught the tricks with the Handle Animal skill. The tricks granted by a bridle of tricks are set when it is created, and cannot be changed. The most common tricks found in a bridle of tricks are attack, defend, fetch, guard, and heel. See Handle Animal for more information on tricks.


Craft Wondrous Item, speak with animals, Handle Animal 5 ranks; Cost 450 gp (3 tricks) 800 gp (4 tricks) 1,250 gp (5 tricks)