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Bracers, Raven

Aura moderate divination and transmutation; CL 9th
Slot hands; Price 16,600 gp; Weight 4 lbs.


This pair of magnificent dark metal bracers is forged to depict the shape of a raven stretched over the wearer’s forearm. Several additional raven bracers were created in the mines’ final days to aid the king’s bodyguards in defending him and maintaining communications throughout the mine.

While worn, these bracers can be used as a swift action to grant the throwing and returning magic weapon qualities to any held melee weapon; these qualities persist for 1 round. This ability can be used three times a day.

In addition, the bracers may be removed and tossed into the air as a standard action, where they transform into a pair of identical black metallic ravens similar to silver raven figurines of wondrous power. Like those items, these ravens obey the wearer, and may each bear a message as if affected by the animal messenger spell. The ravens can only take this shape once per week, retaining the form continuously for up to 24 hours.

Once both of these ravens have delivered their messages (or once the 24-hour limit is reached), they both vanish in a cloud of smoke and return unerringly to the owner’s hands via teleportation. If the item’s owner is no longer on the same plane as the bracers when this event occurs, they merely revert to bracer form and fall to the ground, awaiting a new owner to find and claim them for their own use.


Craft Wondrous Item; animal messenger, animate objects, teleport object, telekinesis; Cost 8,300 gp