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Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes

Aura faint evocation; CL 5th
Slot body; Price 3,000 gp (+1), 12,000 gp (+2), 27,000 gp (+3), 48,000 gp (+4), 75,000 gp (+5), 108,000 gp (+6), 147,000 gp (+7); Weight 1 lb.


This long cloth is wrapped around the chest multiple times like a bandage.

Once per round, the wearer may add an enhancement bonus of +1 to +5 on one attack and damage roll for an unarmed strike or natural attack (for one specific attack, not all attacks made with an unarmed strike that round). The wearer may use this item an additional time per round when his BAB reaches +6, +11, and +16.

Choosing to enhance an unarmed strike is not an action and may occur when it is not the wearer’s turn (such as when making an attack of opportunity). The wearer must decide to use the item before the attack roll is made, but does not have to expend all uses at the same time. For example, if the wearer can use the item twice per round, he can use it once on his turn when making an attack and save the second for the possibility of making an attack of opportunity.

Additionally, the bodywrap can grant melee weapon special abilities to a creature’s unarmed attacks, so long as those special abilities to be added apply to unarmed attacks. See Table: Melee Weapon Special Abilities for a list of abilities. Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item, but do not modify attack or damage bonuses. Any special abilities are set at the time of creation. A bodywrap of mighty strikes cannot have a modified bonus (enhancement bonus plus special ability bonus equivalents) higher than +7. Unlike an amulet of mighty fists, a bodywrap needs to have a +1 enhancement bonus to grant a melee weapon special ability.


Craft Wondrous Item, greater magic fang, creator’s caster level must be at least three times the bodywrap’s bonus, plus any requirements of the melee weapon special abilities; Cost 1,500 gp (+1), 6,000 gp (+2), 13,500 gp (+3), 24,000 gp (+4), 37,500 gp (+5), 54,000 gp (+6), 73,500 gp (+7).