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Banner, Bastion

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Price 182,000 gp; Slot none; CL 10th; Weight 3 lbs.; Aura moderate varies


This banner, emblazoned with a good or lawful deity's holy symbol, is meant to be carried and displayed and has no effect when not mounted properly or when lying on the ground. A bastion banner emits a hallow effect in a 40-foot radius around it, so long as it is borne by one true to the religion whose holy symbol graces the banner.

Within the 40-foot radius of its hallow effect, a planted bastion banner secures terrain that would otherwise be unstable, whether due to natural causes (such as a mudslide) or supernatural causes (such as a specific plane's morphic trait). Natural terrain is simply fixed in its current configuration and cannot be altered naturally or magically; a spellcaster attempting to change the terrain affected by a bastion banner (such as with move earth or transmute mud to rock) must make a successful DC 21 caster level check to do so.

Unnaturally or magically morphic terrain (such as that on the Abyss) is shaped into a 40-foot sphere with the topmost hemispherical half composed of breathable air and the lower hemispherical half composed of packed earth. This effect only secures basic footing against collapse; it cannot impede moving objects from outside the area (such as rain or an avalanche) or forces that act physically on the soil (such as shovels or tunneling creatures).

When planted, a bastion banner also has a specific spell tied to the hallow effect, as well as an additional effect, both tied to the holy symbol it bears. When a bastion banner affects allies, the allies must worship the same deity as the one portrayed on the banner to benefit from the deity-specific spell and effect, and only as long as they are within 40 feet of the banner. Enemies must also be within 40 feet of the banner to be affected.

The spells and effects are:


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells hallow or unhallow, move earth, additional spell depending on deity; Special creator must worship the related deity; Cost 91,000 gp